Extreme Hike Plus Fun

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The announcement was pretty scary for me. I could not hike during the last Saturday before the current one that passed, and I decided I will hike in the last one, but it turned out to be a day for Extreme Hike. This is like hiking for 10hours. The announcement came with a lot of things. The team advised that the hike is not for anyone with health issues. I was not feeling too well but I know I am not a weak guy and I should be able to do it but walking and climbing mountains for 10hours doesn’t sound funny.

I used to hike with my neighbour @aigo, but she said the extreme hike is not for someone like her. That got me more discouraged. She said it gonna be a very tough journey and I should not embark on it. I called a friend also, and she said she can’t hike for 10hours straight.

I concluded I was not going, but later in the night, I changed my mind and prepared. We got to the meeting point with a male friend and there were only 15 people. This was when I understand that people were scared. We used to be like 70 to 120 sometimes, but 15 was just too little. However, before we took off, more people joined, and we were close to 50. Now it made more sense.

We drove to the site, and the journey began. The first 30min was like we were climbing Kilimanjaro. My heart was pumping hard, and I had to stay and rest. People were already tired and smiling. But we were all prepared with enough water, energy bars and other snacks, so there was nothing like hunger in the journey.

We started around 7:30 am and we hiked till 3 pm. That is 7hours 30min. The weather was "killing", and we had to change the trail. We could not reach the main point, but we could cover a long distance. I was not even that exhausted after the Hike because I still went to my office on that same day to work for a few hours.

I enjoy hiking because it is the only way I can truly move around. I sit down every day working on the computer and I am a workaphils. I can stay through the day on a spot. So hiking helps me to move. I also want to create time every evening for the gym. My muscles are getting weaker. I need to build them.

It was just a fun and activities day!


I sit down every day working on the computer and I am a workaphils.

Even I am same but I have started doing exercise - at least a hour every day for self.

That is good sir. Start with a gym.

Mhnnn...7hrs is crazy long.

Most of us are getting consumed with sedentary lifestyle mostly because of the work we do. So anything that encourages healthy moving around us cool. Nice one

I've never had any opportunity to hike and I don't think I even wanna do it for thirty minutes because I know my feets may fail me. I may be willing but my feet would be like "hey girl we ain't doing this today" haha. I'm pretty sure you enjoyed your hike from the smile on your face in one of the images. You could take me next time. Lol but you have to come with a lot of food and water because at any slight opportunity, I'll sit back and gulp down something 😎. !PIZZA


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