You're My Only Regret

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The days go by,
The months say goodbye,
But my feelings betray me,
I can't keep telling myself a lie.


My love for you was true,
I found myself hoping you got the clue,
I found myself hoping you knew,
And with this my hidden love for you only grew.


When the mail came in,
I pried the letter open,
The first thing I saw was an image of a little coffin,
It was an invitation to the funeral of my love Roxanne Karin.


That was two days ago,
Now it's my turn to go,
My mind has tormented me enough,
I can't leave you alone,
My only regret is you never got the clue,
That I truly loved you.

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Beautiful poem my man. Hope your heart finds any room to forgive me. Sincerely! Have a good one Bro.

All forgiven