Question Splinterlands Newbies Ask | Ways To Play While Gradually Building Your Deck

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Most Beginners are somehow scared of actually joining the game because to them it is an investment based game and not just little investment but a huge one since you have to invest and get lot of card to build your deck collections and play the game, well they aren't lying, it isn't really easy to affording most of the cards without having a huge amount of money somewhere and even If I'm a newbie hoping to join the game, I will have such feelings or be scared at first. The splinterlands we have currently is way easy than the splinterland game we had back in the days mostly 5years ago when I joined, if you can't invest to get adequate cards, it will really be hard to play unless you want to manage the welcome deck which can't take you anywhere.

Unlike those days, we now have the card renting section which now make it easier for newbie to start playing the game without owning a card, there are lot of monster cards available based on card levels. The major question my friend do ask me is how can they start playing without money to invest? Apart from the normal fee which i called the registration/welcome fee of 10$ which you need to use in starting the game and also getting your first welcome deck, you can start playing the game from there by renting some cards, there are actually two ways to do this thing and also get to start buying in your cards bit by bit till you have your own deck. To rent your first cards as a newbie, you have to have some hive in your wallet which you need to sent to hive-engine (swap.hive) then convert it to dec token which you will be using in the game.

You have to import the dec token to your in-game dec wallet before you can make use of it. The main work there is to know which particular cards you need to rent since we have 5 different element to select from and also it depend on your league but for a starter, you can hang around novice - silver league which won't even cost you that much the last I check 2$ worth of dec will be enough to start playing the game, when renting I do make use of peakmonster because it is really user friendly and way easier to select the cards based on your current league and on which card to rent, I will always pick melee and magic cards over anything and with good health, another tip is about the abilities because it really matters, it best to go for anything sneak, snipe, opportunity among others.

Also there are different earning method which you can take part in along the way and use the reward in building up your deck gradually, you can take part in the social media content challenge, the art challenge or the weekly battle mage challenge, I literally convert most of my earns in purchasing my own deck, once you do that playing the game will be more easier




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