sensational Silence

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Sarah just couldn't help but think about the previous night. The feelings kept lingering on. The feeling of his soft lips on hers, his fingers moving gently trying to explore. His weak breath against her ears. It was just an unforgettable experience.

Sarah would normally just break the flow and end the moment but this particular feeling was different. She struggled to keep her eyes open but her eyelids kept failing her as they would shot at any slight stroke on her skin.


Liam whispered gently against her ears, “I am the best you've ever had”

Sarah silently wished she could dispute that fact but there was no argument this time. Liam was totally right. Liam was the first and ultimately the best.

He pulled her closer into his grip. She was in a position where she couldn't make any moves. Sarah was undoubtedly a lady who loved being in control but Liam made it clear to her that certain things were out of her control.

Sarah finally succumbed. She trusted Liam to work her body. That was a tough decision to make but it was worth it in the end. Sarah kept biting her lips and pulling tightly on Liam's shirt. She kept wincing in pain or pleasure, one couldn't really tell.

The pleasure coupled with the pain was becoming unbearable but she didn't want him to stop. It felt as if he took her to another cloud. His lips kept wandering round her body, making sure it touched all curves and corners.

Sarah managed to get her hands off his grip but that's when things got more intense. Liams tongue was moving in concentric circles round her nipples but she tried fighting it. She tried pushing him away but ended up pushing him below.


Liam who knew what he was doing smirked faintly and obediently went down. He kissed his way down the line on Sarah's tummy till he got to her waist. On reaching her waist, he paused and asked Sarah if he could continue.

Sarah, who was lost in pleasure, responded with a cracking voice, ‘no’. she just couldn't get enough but it seemed like her mind her body were no longer working together as her body was screaming a big **yes**.

Liam didn't get the message. He just didn't want to hurt her as he saw her as fragile and vulnerable. Indeed she was invaluable. He gently kissed his way back to her lips, gave her a deep kiss and pulled her in for a snuggle.

Sarah didn't love anything more than a snuggle at that moment. Her eyelids, which were already heavy, finally gave in. She slept peacefully enjoying the warmth that was radiating from this gentleman. It was a night to remember.

With love, wongi..