🔫 PVP is here! 😱 { Multiplayer Shooter Game }

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This article is optimized for Desktop browsers and  Peakd

You thought we were slacking, didn't you?? 😎

Among all the other things, we have been working on PVP for the past few months and we (intentionally) barely published any sneak peeks.

But now it's the time to start getting you excited... 🔥



  • PRIVATE ALPHA TESTING with a group of hardcore fans -> THIS FRIDAY
  • GATED ALPHA LAUNCH -> we are currently on track for the MAY 31ST



At what stage we're at...

- HIVE LOGIN integrated into the PVP game.



  • GRAPHICS OPTIMIZATIONS - adjust your settings based on your device performance

Since it's a browser game, by the default the game will start with the lowest graphics in order to allow players with old machines to run the game smoothly. If you have a more modern machine, you can maximize graphics for your best gaming experience:




We currently support up to 8 players per room. If some players are missing, bot enemies are enabled.

(Spectator mode is still being worked on)










How to play?

https://play.crypto-shots.com   => PlayAndEarn PVE game already available, PVP coming next!

NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED. This is a browser game.
PROS of this strategic choice:
- Much broader audience. It's easy for us to go cross-platform (mobile and VR) without having to rewrite the game.
- We don't have to feel the pressure of games like this with near real-life graphics. Good luck running that on a browser 😛
- you can't compromise your machine as it often happens with downloadable games. Browser game are sandboxed to your browser, which is much more safe.


NFTs and tokens

The game is already connected to the Hive blockchain, thanks to all the work that we did for PVE.

As you can see in the first gif, Hive users don't need to pay $FOOD and $GAS to play. That will be the case until our Spaceships (aka land) will launch on Hive too.

Note that the FOOD and GAS payment will NEVER be mandatory. Doing so only unlocks your full earning potential.


Once we launch it towards the end of the month, and until we release the public beta, to play early you'll need to have both our Hive shields!   (force fields)
{ no other requirements and the game will be free-to-play too once in beta }

All our previous weapons have been modified to allow us to create amazing animations for PVP.

Please note that in the images above and in Friday's alpha testing we are using placeholder characters and weapons.

Once in BETA...

  • PVP will use the Characters and Weapons NFT already on the secondary market (we're not a money-grab game and we want to reward previous buyers).


- PVP will adopt the same travel mechanics (land) and the same maps (land) in use in PVE.

Our 4th map is already being worked on!
And Hive Lands are launching this month!


  • PVP will issue our token $DOOM as gaming reward!   🪙   🪙   🪙
    (NFTs required to earn gaming rewards)

What are going to be the new NFTs for PVP?
Skins for weapons and characters!

Ready to brag about yours? 😎 🔥


...10 random rebloggers will also win a 3rd level shield!
(PVP alpha whitelist) 🔥

Thanks for reading! Votes and reblogs are appreciated...

Next articles being worked on:


sniper (@keys-defender)
& the Crypto Shots team



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You need to have both HIVE shields, I did not know that there is 2 different.
Otherwise awesome news and I cant wait to slay some HIVEANS

both HIVE shields

Yep, one for the 2nd and one for the 3rd level 😎

Now added 10x level-2 shields as a giveaway to this post!


This is great news guys... =) I have just been out of time for many things! But this has not been forgotten. Eager to see this forging a new rift of interest.

Awesome can't wait to buzz some sloths in PvP!

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Will do! pew pew

lets goo

I like that they think of all types of players and their tools to access.

Broad audience for the win!
Desktop + Mobile + VR

This all looks and sounds awesome.Should be alot of fun. But im sorry to say all my nft's are all wax and I got no shields.

As per Discord announcement on Wax you need a PVP Sneak Peak pass to access the alpha 😎
It will be blendable from 2 regular Sneak Peek Passes NFT!

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