PhotoChain Challenge 142nd Edition - The Oslo Experience

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Hello everyone. Welcome to the 142nd Edition of this contest, the PhotoChain Challenge hosted by @davidesimoncini. Every week two keywords from the previous week's winners are announced and participants are to show these two keywords together in a photo while adding their own personal keyword of an object found in their photos. If they win, then their personal keyword will be one of two keywords that will be used for the next edition. Exciting? Very much. Check out the contest post with the rules here. Read up if you still don't know about this yet and hopefully, you can join in the fun!

The Keywords of last week's winners are:

SHIP(S) by @arbalestarx7


LIGHTBULBS by @dailyspam

I must admit the Keywords this week are a little bit daunting, especially if one does not have any access to the sea or port area. Like me, although I live in a city which is near the sea, I hardly go there because of my hectic schedule in my work and home. Going to the beach must be something that has to be planned at least a week or two ahead. That is why I thought I would not be able to enter in this edition.

Fortunately, I remembered my daughter, who works in Germany, went to Oslo, Norway earlier this year on a cruise ship. She sent pictures of this visit and some of them were taken in the port in Oslo where their cruise ship docked. I went over my archive and found a photo which fit the two Keywords of this week. See below:


The ship's name, as seen in the photo above is the Oslo IX. The ship has a white post or pole where two lamps are attached (upper left side of the picture). The light bulbs of the two lamps can be seen if one looks closely. Also take note of the festive buntings attached to the pole which are actually miniature flags of different countries.

There's actually another photo where the two Keywords are seen together. Here it is.


The photo above shows a miniature scale model of the cruise ship which my daughter sailed on, encased in glass. In the background, reflected on the glass are three lamps, two that are lit and one that is not. However, the bulbs could not be seen clearly. Only the light. But it does follow that if there is light, there must be a lightbulb haha.

How about this photo which I thought would fit but what I thought was a lamp attached to the pole seems to actually be a radar or siren. What do you think? It does look like a lamp from afar.


And finally, a photo of a museum ship, although this one is not in Norway but in Hamburg, Germany when my daughter visited the place. The Rickmer Rickmers.


Now why would I include a photo of this when there's no lightbulb? It is because when my daughter toured the inside of this museum ship, she took a photo of the ship's kitchen where the lightbulbs are clearly seen. Same with the ship's portholes and the side of the ship and the mooring lines just outside the window. Check this out.


Anyway, my entry to this edition is the first photo, that of Oslo IX. My Personal Keyword is FLAG.

That's all for this post. Hope you enjoyed it. Good luck to all the participants. Stay safe everyone and may peace be with you all.


Wonderful. You did well to capture a ship and lightbulbs. In one of the photos the shape on the pole did look like a light.

Thank you for the heart-warming comment @redheadpei.

I had to zoom in on that photo a couple of times just to make sure it wasn't a light or lamp. It wasn't but it sure beats me what it is.

Enjoy the day and the rest of the week my friend. By the way, your entry to the LTC contest last week did good for an honorable mention. Congratulations! 👏👏

A great post Gems, thank you to join again the contest. Welcome and a big good luck :) !WINE

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Thanks @davidesimoncini. It was a real pleasure to be able to join. Thank you for the wine. 🤗🍾🍷🥂