Continuing My Chinese New Year Preparations and Decorations!

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The Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is just 9 days away!!!!

Many families are busy preparing for this festive season that is rather important for the Chinese community in Malaysia.

I took opportunity to go buy some Chinese New Year snacks too. Every year before this season, sellers and vendors will churn out cookies or fry up some snacks like seaweed or pineapple tarts to allow consumers to get them as snacks for the guests during our gatherings. It is never complete without snacks and mandarin oranges in the house.

My own maternal family is very good in getting this done and the snacks can last us more than throughout the CNY season. I get very excited about this every year.

This year in my own humble home, I decided not to get too much snacks because I need to watch my diet. Hence I got one favorite snack for each of the family member, that is all.

Snacks shopping time!

Snacks are getting more pricey these days and can go up to RM18 to RM40 per can. I took chance to go to this shop that is known to sell them at a cheaper price, Ding Dang. The parking at this side is horrible and difficult but I still managed to find a spot after turning 2 rounds.

Met a friend to pass things to me and then she accompanied me for some snack shopping. This shop sells even those nostalgic biscuits from my childhood time.

There are a whole lot of varieties here but let me just share about some that caught my eyes more.

The typical pineapple tarts. I saw some other shops selling it for at least rm25. So this is very cheap. I skipped it because it is too sweet for my current diet.

Seaweed tofu chips! I love this. I was looking for something more like seaweed alone but they didn't have it so I bought 2 cans of these. RM8.99 is a steal!

This Arrowhead crackers is like a staple food for Chinese New Year. The supplier needs to slice the arrowhead really thin before frying them. This snack has also gone up its price to a regular or Rm15 at least but it is sold for RM9.99 here, hooray! This is for my eldest son.

I have a friend who loves kuih kapit. It is flour batter than is thinly coated on a steel mould and then "cooked" over charcoal. So I took this photo to show her this deal.

Butter cookies! I was just browsing wanting to make for my second son as he is a butter cookies person. Then I began to hesitate hahaha. So glad I found this tub to buy here. Hopefully it tastes good.

They also sell canned processed fpod at a cheaper price here like pork luncheon meat. I did not buy and held my horses because I shouldn't eat too much processed food when I am pregnant.

Off I went home with my small loot and arranged them nicely on my table runner that only costs me RM0.59!!!! Hahaha I juet love good deals from online shopping!

There is the dried minced meat for the husband because he said he only wants that for this Chinese New Year.

Admiring my table runner. It is really decent for RM0.59, right?

Since we are looking at some of my Chinese New Year decorations, let me just show you around a bit. I decorated the house to have more Chinese New Year vibe!
Before entering the house, I hang this on my grill door, meaning happiness to the whole household!

Here are some of my doormats.

Some old decorations from my previous years collection.

My newly added decorations are these! Alot of the word 福which means blessings.

My little cute hand towel for the kitchen.

A little cushion that has the word 春, meaning spring because the Lunar New Year is also called the Spring festival in China. Actually I bought this because my dad has this word in his name hahaha. I have been wishing to buy another chenille hand towel that has my chinese name in it too.

My name 如is on the hand towel!

I think that is about it for my Chinese New Year preparations. Just a bit of mandarin oranges and some more spring cleaning and I think I am good to go! Counting down in 9 days tp the first day of the Chinese New Year, 8 days to its eve! It will be a great time for family reunion and catching ups!