Worldbuilding Weekend Prompt #43 - Life After Death

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Welcome to the next in an ongoing series of writing prompts in the Worldbuilding community !

I'm aiming to post one of these each Sunday. They aren't a replacement for the excellent daily prompts from @worldbuilding they're just an extra opportunity if you have a writing itch you want to scratch. 😀

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The prompt this week is - Life After Death

Belief systems are an important part of worldbuilding. Even if they aren't explicitly detailed, they can influence the decisions and actions of every character. Tell me what people believe in your setting about what happens after someone dies. Do they even believe in an afterlife ? Do they believe in reincarnation, or a good place/bad place dichotomy ? Is there anything that the living do which they believe helps their ancestors in whatever afterlife they believe in ?

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Just to add a bit of spice to things, the two entries I most like (and are linked in comments to this post, so I can find them !) that are posted by midnight (GMT) next Saturday will each get a prize of one Hive SBI.

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I stole these guidelines straight from @worldbuilding prompts (I hope that's okay !), I couldn't have written them any better myself....

  • Prompt replies may be anything! Art, game assets, stories, worldbuilding details, fake wiki entries, maps... whatever you want to create!
  • Please ensure you reply to this post with a link to your reply
  • Posting in or cross-posting to the Worldbuilding community is highly encouraged
  • Use the hashtag #worldbuilding
  • Prompt replies can be any length.

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Okay so this one is a little loose with the prompt, and does also include my own prompt today... But none the less I wouldn't have written either without your prompt living in my head all week.

As fitting for a "life after death" prompt, we begin this tale at the end...