Worldbuilding Weekend Prompt #10 - The Doctor's Oath

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Welcome to the next in an ongoing series of writing prompts in the Worldbuilding community !

I'm aiming to post one of these each Sunday. They aren't a replacement for the excellent daily prompts from @worldbuilding they're just an extra opportunity if you have a writing itch you want to scratch. 😀

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The prompt this week is - "The Doctor's Oath"

What do medical ethics look like in your setting ? Are doctors respected professionals who keep patient confidentiality ? Are they shady back-street types ? Do they work in the interests of the government, passing information back to the security services ? Or do they even work with the government to interrogate dissidents or enforce medical procedures ? Do medical people swear an oath of any kind, and if they do, is it like the Hippocratic Oath, or are they swearing personal loyalty to a tyrant ?

Just to add a bit of spice to things, the two entries I most like (and are linked in comments, so I can find them !) that are posted by midnight (GMT) next Saturday will each get a prize of one Hive SBI.

This link will take you to the FAQ where you can read more about Hive SBI - it's a project I thoroughly support because it gives both the donor and winner a steady trickle of passive income paid out in the form of upvotes on posts.


I stole these guidelines straight from @worldbuilding prompts (I hope that's okay !), I couldn't have written them any better myself....

  • Prompt replies may be anything! Art, game assets, stories, worldbuilding details, fake wiki entries, maps... whatever you want to create!
  • Please ensure you reply to this post with a link to your reply
  • Posting in or cross-posting to the Worldbuilding community is highly encouraged
  • Use the hashtag #worldbuilding
  • Prompt replies can be any length.

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