The Gray Qengs (World Building Notes)

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The World Building Community released their newest prompt today. Link To Post. Which asks that we talk about the richest person in our world and discuss how they are viewed by others and what they want.


There is one example I would like to talk about. This one, being, a family living on the planet Zun-Kulla who are called The Gray Qengs. A "Royal" family of Zun-Tentis, who have been born into a rich and simple life for generations.

They are well known and respected by mostly everyone planet side, especially if you live close to their estate. They are known to be incredibly generous. Mainly though, because they don't really understand the value of money, other than seeing it as a useful tool that provides them with a comfortable living.

Whatever they want they'll get. The first time we hear about them in the book, it is due to one of the characters Chiv Sketter accepting a bounty they posted. Usually, bounties range from 5 FSTs to around 50. The bounty The Qengs placed on Gun-kin Deset though was 500. Which attracted every would be, bounty hunter, in the area to track him down, causing him to suffer in the process.

What They're Really Like
Friendly, gracious, carefree and jovial. Would be some of the words I would use to describe the family. But, they have a reputation for a reason. If someone crosses them there'll be problems.

They pay their workers well and hire a lot of different people, but, there is a lot of nepotism with them too. However, they wouldn't dream of hiring a family member to do any kind of dangerous job.

Some people don't have any time for them and quietly disrespect them behind their backs. The Gray Qengs are an off branch of the Qeng family tree. A successful one, but they are still not the "Official" Qengs. After a family blood feud the reason for which, is a closely guarded secret. The Gray Qengs divided themselves from the Qengs. Constantly they fought each other until the Qeng line was just about wiped out. Now, the only Qengs livings are the Gray Qengs and another family of less influence and stature, known as the High Qengs.

In recent history, the score has been settled and the hatchet is buried, but, some believe that the High Qengs should have possession of the entire Gray Qengs enterprise and see them as thieves.

What Do They Want
The Gray Qengs want for nothing, apart from a strong family line and continued prosperity. Other than that, they want to live in peace and focus on smaller aspects of Zun-Kulla.

The High Qengs want their titles back. They suffered for years under the Gray Qengs and don't see it as fair. After all, if you follow the line back far enough, they're all still family. One day perhaps the High Qengs will have back what was stolen. If any potential plans are discovered though, it could be the end of The High Qengs branch altogether.

I found this prompt to be an interesting one. I haven't had a chance to really talk about this family, other than what we see in the book. They are a big deal on their planet and they're okay with that. One planet is enough for them for the time being.


I like this ! It is so refreshing to find a group of rich people described who are basically decent folk, rather than just the usual bunch of psychopathic edgelords....

Thank you, I actually really like them. Obviously they shouldn't be crossed. But, for the most part they are good people.

I really like the idea of old money people, there are obviously people out their who give the rich a bad name. But, I've always heard those kinds of people are really nice and respectful. That's the vibe I'm trying to go for with the Grey Qengs.