Worldbuilding Prompt #447 - Insomnia

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Weekly Topic: Sleep
Insomnia grips a group of people (town, ship, country, etc) - how do they handle it? What lengths do they go to in an attempt to sleep? What's causing it?

Sorry gang, today's prompt is later than I'd have liked, and tomorrow's may be as well - both my kids, my wife, and myself are all struggling with some massive fevers. Thankfully the kids are over it, and my wife's getting better, but as I caught it last I've been sitting with a lovely 102'F fever almost all day and it's not been good for prompt-making.

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I hope you get better soon, it's always bad when someone fall a sick you wouldn't be able to get things done.

Don't think I have joined the prompt before I definitely will give this prompt a try

What a great prompt ¡! @worldbuilder Hope you and your family get well soon 🙏❤🌟

No need to apologise, I've only got about 400+ previous prompts to work through before I catch up and run out 😁

I hope you guys all feel better soon ! Focus on getting well, and looking after your family, the prompts can look after themselves for a bit....