My WOO Meme contest entry!

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The general sale on the 31st of October in 2022 sold out within 99 seconds and I managed to buy few of those, but it is never enough, so I come up with a solution! 😇😌

I would like to share my entry for this contest and I hope you like it! 😉


Link to this contest is here.

How to start to earn some WOO?

If you want to start your career or just a general information from this upcoming game please follow this link to their website to see how is their project and what are their goals. 😎

If you want to start earning WOO immidiately this is the link you need to follow 😉

You can get useful informations from one of the official content creator of this project who is @arkasz. Go and check out his informative posts about this upcoming game and give him some love! 😊

If you want to join to their Discord please follow this link 💪

I would like to wish a very nice day to Everyone! 😉



Very funny! 😺


Thank you for the !LUV and !LOLZ 😊🙏