WOO General Sale Poster Contest! Win $WOO Prizes for the Best Artwork!

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Have you entered the WOO Poster Contest yet? You have until the end of September to enter for a chance at $WOO Prizes. Create the best Wrestling Event style poster for our General Sale on October 31st! There are already a lot of great entries! Make a post on Hive.Blog, PeakD, Twitter, Ecency, 3Speak, or anywhere you can tag us! Let's spread these posters all around the internet and Hive Ecosystem!

Poster Contest Details

Create a Wrestling Style Event Poster for our General Sale. The top 3 Posters will earn $WOO token as a reward. 1st place gets 10,000 $WOO, 2nd place 5,000, and 3rd place 2,500. To decide the winner, our staff will select a handful of the posters we feel did the best job. Then we will let our community select the winners from that through a voting system. Contest entries end on September 30th at 11:59pm ET. Include the following:

  1. Sale Event on October 31st at 9am ET
  2. 30,000 WOO Alpha Packs for Sale
  3. $2 per Pack, $WOO required to Purchase

Here are some of the entries so far!

by: @cerdosalvaje

by: @humblebeastby @lucimorningstar

by: @pialejoana

by @rentaw03

by @petterch

by @sudeon

Remember, you have until the end of September to enter this contest! Let's spread those posters around the internet and get more eyes on the General Sale event!

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WOO! There are some awesome posters already!

Nice! 😍


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Lets goooo 🚀

Lets get it! 🔥🍕 !Pizza


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Excellent posters. I have a question about this: Is only one entry per user allowed? Or can multiple submissions be made?