The Survivor, Volume 5: Common Microscope Solutions

Today's excerpt begins on page 1940 of Survivor Vol 5.





Kurt Saxon thought civilization would have collapsed by now.
He spent the majority of his life collecting knowledge of home based businesses and self defense.
His goal was for all his readers to survive at a more comfortable level than those that were less provident.

He knew the importance of communicating at a level folks could understand.
Most of what he has compiled for our benefit can be easily understood by everybody.

He also includes a subtle sense of humor.

kurt pic.png

You can find the majority of his life's work here.

Hear him read his stories.

IF you think this content should be eligible for rewards from the content rewarding pool, please express your discontent in this discord:


hello sir, why are you downvote me? I don't understand my wrong. Please reply me, "what is my wrong."

IF you are getting flags from this account it is because this account tracks those accounts to see who is getting flagged out of a desire to see abused people protected.
Looking over your account I would suggest, original content, every time.
No ai.
Cite your sources.

Otherwise you would have to ask one of the other accounts.
I'd start with the one with the highest rep.

I am going to upvote your comment, it covers any future flags you might get.
You have not lost value because of encountering this account.

Freeborn already mentioned the possible reasons but you may need to ask the 1st account that triggered the downvote trail to confirm. This account of mine trails the downvotes given.

Sir, i have only one account. i don't copy any post.

you can check my account.

Why you downvoting our posts

This account doesn't originate flags, its vote is a dust vote, ignore it.
IF you want to know more about why flags are flying in the hive then join the conversations.
If you set your rewards to burn, the flags will likely stop.

You are a fake user. Whats your problem. ?? Why you disturb me


Why do you keep on downvoting me?

I'm not downvoting you.
You are being downvoted by @adm.
You may find your answers in this discord:

This account follows many accounts to ride herd on those that throw flags, its vote is a dust vote, you can ignore it.

uh no its your account downvoting people it clearly says so lol.

its bound to make peopel mad and cause drama, wso why even have teh dust vote lol? why? u earning liek flag curation?

why do you get to post this shit stealing peoples 100 year odl work? oh isit public domain now?

I mean i like your post a lot but i was toldby these downvoters that took oevr hive recently that like, we cant post any picture we didnt make ourselves now?

whatever dude im trying to help peopel look pasyt downvotes and learn about peakd tips and staking rewards with liquid hive and tip curation

I get more hive from tips now anyway as i helop people deleghate their HPO to services that lease it, then they make liquid hive and way mroe than wasting it on upvoting others and curation, then they giveme a cut of that luiquid hive, or hbd 20% interest staking! now thast a good system, they just make liquid hbd rewards and tip me, everyone wins, ur downvotes do nothing lol

so yeah we can all be friends again , if thats cool, cuz im teaching peopel to be zen and not care about the anxiety fromd ownvotes

but we are only human dopnt act liek we are dont something wrong being upset, its only natural, neuf of thsi gaslighting trap lol, be free of all caring of downvotes, claim yoru staking rewards and create a liquid tip economy, build curation for HBD liquid tips into a curtation escropw tip bot, and viola, we next just ned private community front ends using scrambled memo key posst etc

IF you are doing that well, you can afford to ignore some dust votes?

That's so funny 🤣

BOOM heres 0.1 HIVE! its twice as good as a fucking fake ass $0.05 upvotew from teh stupid dying reward pool lol

hive will eventualy become liek and have a semi liquid tip balance from all staking rewards anyway,


BOOM, he cant downvote that now buddy enjoy!

stake all your HP to someone on dlease or tipu and just get paid liquid HIVE,a nd tip your friends and save so much on wasted vote power u never use all tehw ay lol, and feel free to go tip me back later lol, think of it as pay it forward curation with liquid hive tips!

go try it out using it has a nice lil tip button no one is using yet BUT if @peakd enables a sort of, wallet setting to allocate some of ur HIVE nd HBD staking reward and delegation liquid rewards into a tip balance like it already does with dlease etc, i mean u could have peakd let u click 1 button to delegate ALL your HP to a service, and get ALL liquid hive to tip with, i mean 1000 HP gives me 0.33 HIVE a day and thats a LOT to tip, i mean if i just delegate 2000 more ill have like 1 HIVE everyday thats like $0.45 in upvotes everyday but ALL LIQUID no eating away by curationa nd HP stake!

its a far superior system and when we build ads into it liek @dclick it will make hive and hbd go crazy and everyoen will finaly get along as no oen will care about upvote rewards theyll just be a bonus, if u get some cool if not whatever , no one will get as mad, cuz peopel will still be getting liquid tips from peopel who actually want to support you and not just take a gamble roll th dice and give out some of their fucking staking rewards from HP as an upvote and risk gfetting it cnacelle dout by someoene lse LOL so, fuck that, delegate get 10% APR in liquid hive or 20% in HDB and just tip them!

toipping from the 20% HBD apr is ona be BOSS for advertising ddlick style and largest tip gets your ad in the persons post at the top of the blog post kinda deal, thatll let you spend HBD and get your ads in the top of peoples posts etc


I got downvoted from you and buildawhale..

What is the reason please?

It looks like a countervote to xeldal, but I can't say for sure, you'd have to ask buildawhale.

I just noticed a downvote of yours on my post. Why is that??? I don't even follow you and not familiar with your account?

This account doesn't originate flags.
It follows accounts that do flag.
It appears that your post has received a countervote to the xeldal vote.
Those two accounts are having a flag war.
The flag has nothing to do with you, nor your content.
You can ignore it, or not.
Up to you.

Omg... we the little fishes are being dragged into their flag war. Ugh.

Nobody likes to hear it, but the fact is that rewards are not your's until payout on day 7.
You don't question people when they upvote, consistency requires not asking when they downvote, but this game rarely plays out that way.
Most get triggered.
Which isn't totally irrational, but it doesn't help, imo.
IF you want to see change, encourage folks to buy and powerup more hive.
As long as the whales maintain their 50% hold of power, what we have is what we get.

Yeah but if more people call them out on it and yet they still affect the little accounts then no wonder Blurt came about because of some Hive whales.

More voices, better consensus, imo.

You ask why? @artgirl @freebornsociety

Simply many Whales get paid daily to Down-Vote others!

Here is the proof >>>>

Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 12.59.21.png

Blockchain data does not lie!

That's hivewatchers though. If there are plagiarizers and outright spammers of course they will be downvoted.

I think those are payouts for turning in abuse.

stupid post with stolen photos lol.

I get why ist a dust downvote but why? u said we can ignore em, but why even have em?

but ya know, its cool cuz now i am making way more now after youre downvotes than before, i was making a few penneis a day in hive with all the hp and curation, now im making so much more with other accounts, other tokens, and selling nfts on thsi account im making WAY more hive now than before, sotrhank youf or pushing me to adapt to you and steemcleaners,m a toast! to my hundreds of hive nft volume.

This account follows other accounts with a dust vote to keep tabs on what is being flagged in the hive.
It does not originate flags, your conflict is with others.

why do you minus the posts?

This account doesn't originate flags, it follows other accounts that give the flags.
The vote is a dust vote, I suggest ignoring it.

You'll have to ask marky why his is flagging you, I don't know.

how can I find out why I fell out of favor with Marky?

You can tag him in this discord:, at your own risk.

I can tell you that selfvoting your own comments is not well received by 'the community', it is seen as greedy.
Though, you don't seem to be receiving 'excessive' amounts of rewards when compared to the crap on trending.

Ok. Thank you!

Hello thank you for upvoting my introduction post.

Please why do you keep on down voting my posts?

Reposting bible verses is not very popular in the hive.
Copy and pasting from the bible often gets flagged.
Make original content, every time, and your issue will likely resolve itself.


PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments:
@bilpcoinbpc(3/5) tipped @freebornsociety (x1)

Please vote for pizza.witness!


Hi, do you have any ideas why did you down vote my posts?

This account doesn't originate flags, you would have to ask the other account.
It appears that it is a counter to the dtub vote, but I can't say for certain.
If you start using to upload your original videos, the flags will likely go away.

I asked by they are not replying
I'm using both, what does it means?
Why downvote post using Dtube? And why even downvote even other votes?

Did you ask the accounts that upvoted you why they upvoted you?

Dtub has a bad rep here.
It is a reputation they earned through their actions.
Posting to dtub is unlikely to be rewarded in hive.

Yes because I'm publishing Music.
With this hives I'm able to continue doing music.

I'm asking you to stop to downvote me.
Instead you should upvote me and proving you are better then them.

I did upvote you.
Much more than any flags you've gotten from this account.
Flags from this account are dust votes, you can ignore them.

Just disconnect your dtub posts from posting in the hive, too.
IF that is not an option, and you still want hive rewards, I suggest not posting to dtub.

If you are posting both on dtub and on 3speak, you are 'recycling content' and that behavior gets flagged, too.
You will likely want to stop doing that.

Prove it. I'm not sure about it.

Trying to educate dtube by subtracting hives from creators' posts,
is like trying to educate banks by embezzling money from client accounts.

Is this your vanguard revolution ?

If I disconnect my Dtube account my post will be with 0 reward anyways, because dtube is my better curator, so at least it is more smart to pubblish synched from Dtube

You down vote even the post out of DTube. Why?

Got a link?

The burden of proof is on the claimant.
But, to cut to the chase, this account follows the flags of other accounts to mind what is being flagged in the hive by the more prolific flaggers, it does not originate flags, its vote is a dust vote, I suggest ignoring it.