Online shopping, Bridging the distance between traders and Shoppers

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Social Media has made almost everything easy and accessible for us. I could order for anything from the comfort of my home and have it delivered. This is a great deal of barrier taking away.
For the best part like we all know, different companies are in the front line using this as business and source if income for themselves. Bring goods closer to people from any parts of the world.
Several applications are used online to this effect like the common Jumia, Jiji, Konga and the rest of them. You purchase items online and have them delivered to your doorstep, office or pickup stations with certain amount for charges.

There are things to consider while making this purchases in order not to end up buying what you may not like.
Checking the reviews of others who have purchased from thesame sellers, review of the products at hand and much more are needed while making purchases.
Understanding the description and sizes of items is equally something we must never ignore when making our orders.

To be honest with you friends , I haven't make any purchases using online apps Jiji or what have you, but while I was on the search for my house I did make use of estate agents found on Jiji which means that not only goods are sold online but services can also be delivered close to us from the internet.


This is the very one I am quite familiar with because here we have real humans intermediaries that you can meet when ordering for items
I have friends who engage in drop shipping as their main business and source of income.
This is how Dropshipping is done, once I need an item, I inform my friends who them make enquires from the warehouses and markets in Korea any country they operate with, I give a description and they purchase the item and send it through ships or Cargo down here with purchases from other customers as well .
Once the goods arrive, my contractor here helps me to collect the goods to her location. Depending on how I want to receive it, it is either I go pick it up from her house or have her deliver it through commercial transporters to my exact location.
She is responsible for the safety of my goods until they get delivered into my hands


Dropshipping items often times take longer periods to arrive here usually from a month to Three months depending on the direction the goods are coming from.I have bought some quality women Wigs through Dropshipping before. Most people prefer Dropshipping to ordering items through Jumia because of the delivery fees. Items from Dropshipping often take lesser amount compared to Jumia and the likes.

We here in Nigeria often believe that only inferior are sold withing the country(this is true for some products) and hence prefer to drop ship items from other places in the world.I have seen women order items and kitchen utensil even to the spoon they eat with.

Another form of online shopping is also done on social media like Facebook and Whatsapp. Sellers put up ads for some tokens and we all see and pick whatever we like.
The sellers then package and send our goods to local transport to our doorstep, with this we can buy anything from any part of the country and have it delivered to our doorstep. I don't do payment on delivery even though we have to beware of fake Facebook and Whatsapp page who are scammers rather than traders. In between I don't shop for food online as well and a major concern is safety even though food vendors now have dispatch riders.

Online shopping is a good way to bridge the gap between traders and shoppers and if done Rightly we will find it comfortable and convenient to buy stuff from the comfort of our homes rather than stress ourselves to the market at all times.


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Thanks for writing. I understand what you mean about inferior goods. I never thought much about it until I was purchasing items in the Philipines. There were some basic goods (matches, lighter and so on) that I thought "how could they be of poor quality" they just have a single function.

I learned quickly that the Philippines does get some truly inferior products ... not all of course, but enough to make me wary of buying things I need there.

In that regard I'm hoping to set up the Earn, Spend, Give community as a place where people can purchase items and have them delivered to their doorstep. I'm still getting ideas on how that will be done....but then again that was the reason for this post prompt :) I'm very much still getting ideas on what is needed and how people currently go about their online shopping :)

Again, thanks for posting and I'll be sending you 100 GLD shortly. (more posts this week so smaller prize ;)