Let's Have some Fun and Share one of our Memorable Experience at or around a Music Event

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To celebrate the launch of Qsounds community, I like to give away some cool votes. The only thing I ask you is to share a story of your life.

Write about one of the memorable music events you've been to in your life!

Any story that is worth telling is a good entry for this challenge! So don't hold back!

You may anonymise the event, friends and others in case you feel you have to. You may even invent a story, though you likely have many real stories you can tell.

Add one or more photos you've made during your experience. In case you don't have any, you may use material from others; Don't forget to include source recognition. Though not required, you may add music recordings and/or tracks that either was played at the event, or resembles the music that was played. Though not a requirement, a nicely formatted post is welcomed.

In case you are a bit stuck with what to write, below some hints that can help you select the experience to write about and what you can write about it:

  • a great festival experience you've had
  • a cool concert you've been to
  • an entertaining home party you've been part of
  • what made this experience memorable for you
  • what did impress you
  • what made you decide to go to this event
  • did something unexpected happen
  • what made the event fun for you
  • did you meet people who became more than just a friend for the moment
  • anything about the music played
  • anything about the decorations, location and such
  • where did the event took place

note: don't leave out anything funny


  • original story
  • minimum 500 words
  • add at least one photograph (when not your own: source recognition is required)
  • start the title of your post with "My Memorable Music Event"
  • you may add your own title at the end
  • post must by published in the Qsounds community
  • add #qsounds as your first tag (well technically 2nd)
  • drop the link to your post as a comment to this post
  • up to 2 entries is allowed


  • challenge ends at midnight June 8th (UTC/GMT)


  • edje

note: for the moment only one judge


  • a minimum of 10x 100% votes from my curation account
  • top posts will receive 100% votes
  • other posts will receive 25%-75% votes
  • rewards ranges from less than 1$ up to 5$

image: published by Festival Sherpa (source)

Looking forward to your entries!


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today the birdies didn't want to leave without this one...

Everyday is memorable. Especially when it comes down to creating music.
Once you press the buttons, you never know what sound you or your mates produce.
I think the most memorable event was the time I had an unwillingly shared session of uncontrollable noise production. The 'unwillingness' was unfortunately from both parties. The party existed of a girl and me, location: bedroom.

hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣