New HIVE Community - Q - where Stories and Music come together

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Qsounds is not just another HIVE Music community. The goal of this community is to be the place where we share our original and personal stories in which Music plays some kinda role.

What we share can be anything: our Experiences, our Thoughts, our Knowledge, our Dreams, our Opinions, our Preferences, our Favourites, our Creations...

Anybody is welcome including all Music fans and all Music creators.

But don’t forget: Music without Stories is just Music. Cool in itself: But won’t we appreciate Music more when we learn the Stories connected with them? And won't we like these Stories more when they are Personal of nature?

We all have so many of them; Simply share them!

To guide the direction of the Q community, the following rules applies

  • Stories: We all have so many of them; Simply share them!
  • Writing: Long form; Short form; All is Allowed
  • Interacting with other Members is Encouraged
  • Cross-Posting is Discouraged
  • Self Cross-Posting is Forbidden
  • Respectless Behaviour is Forbidden
  • Plagiarism, Spamming, Recycling is Forbidden

Don’t be surprised when your contributions are visited by curator teams.


the first challenge is in the making : be ready to enter

qsounds music & stories library on hive | A...K | L...Z |


I am sure, Music that are Personal of nature will be interesting. There are many people in this world, who just sing for their satisfaction and this community can be a good place for them.

Indeed, many sing for their pleasure and they are welcomed to share their recordings and stories here. Music creates stories for so many people, like our experience we get going to festivals and concerts, our memories of the good and (maybe also) the bad times, our friendships and how this influences are taste in music, our thoughts when we listen to music genres we like or dislike and so many more. All those who like to share their own personal stories (in writing, through photographs and through music) are welcome in the Q community.


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Wondering where Q community will end up in: P1? 🙃

HIVE is a great Layer One for such a community... wouldn't you say so?
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Absolutely! Owww ur photo is still from the other chain 😎

There is
NO OTHER CHAIN 23 111.png

Its maybe a bit too early for me this morning, but I don't get your comment/response? :(

sorry... just posting out that the "OLD Chain" is donzo...
It's HIVE and nothing else.
Kind regards.

hahaha yeah that I understood, but what I mentioned was the picture is from the other chain... has Steemit imprinted in it : )

Quite a cool initiative, I might just partake one of these days

Cool :) Lookig forward to your stories around the topic of music.

add me to be part soon... ♏️

Love the slow music in the evening while taking a walk after sitting in front of my laptop all day...

I would love to read some stories related to music....

Because every story related to music is memorable...

Good initiative...

Thank you... And we love to read your stories as well, so let them flow from your memories through your arms, fingers, and keyboard to us here! :)

lol, for sure I will do that...

PoSH-ing away with the blue birdies just taking off with the big news...