Contentment does it all

Hello, members of this beautiful community today I share with you all a very wonderful music, a music that touches my heart every single time I listen to it.

Coat of Many Colours by Dolly Parton. This is my all-time favorite music.

The song is basically about contentment. It depicts the type of life Dolly Parton lived while growing up in a poor home, Dolly’s contentment and confidence was on another level and is admirable.

Contentment is a virtue, sadly a lot of people do not possess this virtue. While contentment has saved so many people from trouble it has landed so many people in trouble.


A lot of the problems we have today in this world are a result of people not being contented. When you are not contented you tend to do anything and everything to get whatever you want and in the course of doing that you become greedy and we all know what greediness does at the end of the day.

This song always inspires me to be contented. It reminds me that life is not static, it strengthens my hope and faith in the future. I am reminded that even if I start small I will never end small and nothing else can beat such motivation.

Although we had no money, I was rich as I could be

I was not born into a super wealthy family but I was born into a family that is contended. We had our struggles as a family but we tried to be contented. Our struggles were meant for our ears alone and outsiders were not allowed to hear even a whisper of what was happening in my family. We would dress up all pretty and elegant and you’d think we were so lucky to be born with a silver spoon but what goes on behind the scenes was nothing to be proud of but we were happy and contended regardless😊

I would forever be grateful for my father’s disciplinary tactics while growing up as that has shaped my life.
Looking at the next kid’s toy and making a fuss about wanting one was a NO NO in my family and could land you in serious trouble. I grew up in that way.
Today I can boldly say that most things that freak other people do not freak me at all as I try to love and manage the little things that I have and I have been just fine😃


People are pressured into doing things they don’t like as a result of not being contented. I understand the urgency of wanting to belong but my greatest concern is, what happens when you lose yourself in the process? What happens when you are not contended and you end up in trouble? What happens when you don’t finally get accepted after everything?

Contentment is not what we are born with, we just get to learn it over time. Life teaches us to be content with what we have.

Just the same way you can never understand poverty if you haven’t been poor, you also cannot understand contentment if you haven’t longed for something so bad and you finally realize that you can’t afford it and that you just have to settle for what you can get, at this point nobody tells you to be contented with the little that you have.

When you are contented you are not under any form of pressure, you are at peace with yourself and your finances.

Coat of Many Colours

Are you feeling downcast because of your present condition? I recommend you listen to Coat of Many Colours and you will be inspired not to give up.

All images are mine except otherwise stated.

Thanks for stopping by
Loads of Love🥰🥰


Wow.... this is one of the best classics. I love this song dear. Thanks for sharing. I wish I had my own coat of many colors

Yeah it is one of the best!

Indeed dear friend

I have always loved this woman and her songs. This is indeed a beautiful song , coat of many colours.
Along with contentment that you mentioned, this reminds me of the sacrifices parents make to give their children the best. Thanks for sharing

this reminds me of the sacrifices parents make to give their children the best.

Yes Adoore you are totally right

Contentment is a priceless virtue that I believe all should imbibe as it curbs greed, jealousy and envy.

It is indeed a priceless virtue Becky🥰

Yes it is dearie

When people are contented with what they have, joy, peace of mind and other benefits are derived but when people are discontented, they tend to do anything doable and go extra miles just to satisfy their selfishness and the result is not always funny.


Yes mama the result of not being contented is not a good one.

I love this beautiful song.

In life contentment does it in order to create problems for yourself and others

There's nothing I love more than being contented.

Thanks for sharing. #dreemerforlife

There's nothing I love more than being contented.

Yeah me too my love😊

Contentment is really a virtue and I think if everyone has it, the world would have been a more peaceful and wonderful place to live in,
What a nice song 🥰


I totally agree with you. the world would be a better place if we were all content.

Thanks for stopping by😊

Being contented is something all man ought to adopt, so that what ever you have, have to be enough for you

Yes my friend we all must be content with what we have.

Exactly friend, that's ultimate

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This is such a beautiful post ... thank you!

Thank you so much Ma'am🥰