A slightly different way of attending a concert

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And not any concert.

It was the concert that SMO - Symphonic Music School Orchestra of the state of Saxony-Anhalt gave yesterday afternoon. My son was also playing there - that is why it was so important for me.

You probably know that moms are always proud of their children, but seeing your little (or grown-up) child - it doesn't matter actually - on the stage gives you a special feeling.

A little confession: I am not proud of those moments when I missed out on a concert or a performance of my son. And it happened a few times... (more than I would like). Even if you are successfully juggling work, family, leisure time and all sometimes you can't achieve being at two places at the same time.

This time the only difficulty in attending this concert was the distance between my home and the venue where he played with the orchestra. I checked with Google Maps; it says 2239 km.

Luckily we were given a solution, a link to the live streaming of the concert! My husband and I had VIP seats on our sofa and the music was about to start. The concert was scheduled for 17:00.


They played the first composition, and we listened to it from our home, like all the other parents who could not be there in person but then the less exciting part of the concert took place: the part when the organizers give a speech. In a language you don't understand.

But it would be all bearable if the person who was hired to translate did a good job. Well, that was not the case, so the speech lasted for 45 - 50 minutes. Complete despair for spectators at the venue and at home. I guess the young musicians were not thrilled either as they had to be seated and wait their turn so they could play what they learned during the last week.


We could read about the first days of their stay in Altenhausen here, but many cool things happened to them after that - like an excursion to the city of Magdeburg to listen to an organ concert and feel how cold winters can be in Germany. Snow also made the stay more exciting and a snowman was built in the yard of the castle. That photo of the snowman can be seen in the comment section of my previous post.


My son sent me this photo

The activities of SMO appeared in the news and after many hours of rehearsals every day (he said that the average was 7 and half hours of intensive playing - divided into a few slots), they had free time for games in the evening.

The evening before the concert my son sent me a photo that scared us a bit. He hit himself while playing table tennis and his thumb nail turned blue. But he proudly said that he won the point, so it was worth getting that bruise! 🤦‍♀


My son sent me this photo

In the comments of my previous post, someone mentioned that the castle reminds him of the college that appears in the Harry Potter movie. Well, to my surprise we also heard a composition titled Harry Potter - Eine Kleine Sinfonie (Harry Potter - A Little Symphony).

So, here is the program that the members of SMO performed yesterday and which I got today as the young man arrived home a few hours ago.


I hope you can read from the paper the compositions, if not, let me know so I can write it in the comment.

And in case you want to listen to the concert (without the speech part), please feel free to click this link. 🎶



Listening to this concert through the screen was different than attending it in person. Not the same, however, I applauded after the compositions and laughed about it with my husband.

But tell me, wouldn't you do the same? 😁



I might feel like my heart will jump out of my chest watching my son play on a life concert, he is still just a year old so it might be a while before such could happen !lol

Nice you were still able to attend in the comfort of your home, and I hope that your son's thumbnail is better now.!LUV

A year old, that's sweet! Enjoy all these years.

Thanks, the nail has just a purple shade now, it changed the colour 😂 but nothing serious, he could play the violin, and that's the most important!

A year old, that's sweet! Enjoy all these years.

Thank you 🙏🥰

I wish your son the very best😊

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I can assure you that if I had children I would do the same, I'm watching the concert and it's wonderful!!!! Those violins.... what a beauty for God's sake!

I'm glad you were able to see it even through that screen, and thank goodness your son's fingernail was not serious, and he won the game!!!!

Congratulations on your son!😃

Thanks, and I am also glad you find the concert wonderful. 😇🎶 There is still room to learn and improve but that's the path and the experience that counts! 🥂

And the most important thing is that he loves what he does, that is already success!🎶

I am listening to the concert. How wonderful. I am most happy to know that your "baby" violin is there hahaha...that kid...you have to teach him a little about being cautious. How is he going to start playing before a concert?...his arms and hands are his instrument too. Ya estoy de peleona, see? My parents are gone, now I have no one to fight with. 😂

When you are young you don't really think about consequences hahaha
Yes, his arms and hands are important, as for every musician. A few years ago he fell and broke his left arm (both bones - the ulna and the radius) 🤐

I hope the weekend with your parents was great, and I saw the post of your mom, that she was learning about photography 😇

Oh 😢🤐

sí, fue un lindo fin de semana, gracias. Y literalmente ¡se iluminó esta casa! 😂


Congratulations to your son , this is great , for sure he is learning a lot, and also enjoy the experience in this trip 👏👏

Thank you, señor Puma! It was an experience that he probably would not forget. 😇
Now he is already practicing in his room the pieces he needs for the upcoming events... 🎻

Como todo un profesional! 😎💪

Sí! Y creo que los vecinos también se han dado cuenta que él está de vuelta...

Disfrutaron del silencio durante una semana! 😂


I would definitely applaud too 😁😆. Y estaría orgullosa!!

Apparently the week was a total success and so was the concert, except for the approximately 45 minutes of...speech 🤭. You guys must be happy to have the boy back home with lots to tell.

Happy week.

Claro que estarías orgullosa, y lo eres con las cosas geniales que Oli hace 😇

The speech... my son said that even the director was annoyed and angry because of that, as the students had to wait for so long there, on the stage. But when the music started we forgot about that waiting period. ;)

Thank you and happy week to you too 🤗

Claro que estarías orgullosa, y lo eres con las cosas geniales que Oli hace 😇

Así mismo es 🤩.

Well nothing is perfect, just a small detail in a week that seems to have been wonderful and very profitable. Abrazos.

If I have a child too, I would never want to miss his concert. I hope you help your son take care of the bruise and I’m glad that you were able to attend the performance

Yes, we parents try to be there for the performances, sometimes it is not possible but we try ;)

Sii..es muy diferente escuchar el concierto a traves de una pantalla.. pero fue una grandiosa experiencia para tú hijo que va creciendo y madurando con cada acción!...

Sí, realmente fue una experiencia donde él ha podido crecer en varios aspectos. Nosotros estuvimos orgullosos verle de todas formas, aunque el sonido y la sensación es más poderosa cuando se escucha un concierto en vivo. 🎶

Indudablemente..hubo una época en que asistía asiduamente a los conciertos de música clásica

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Thank you very much, @music-community 😇

Oh, how wonderful (minus the things lost in translation, of course) -- congratulations to your son, or shall I say to him, Ich gratuliere! Thanks for sharing -- they REALLY PLAYED well, and I am listening while doing other work and not being jarred at all ... what a treat and THANK YOU!

Danke schön, frau Mathews! 🎶

One week of diligent practising together - they had to play well :D However, there are things (he says) that could be better, that didn't come out perfectly (but those things don't harm the feeling and the charm of playing live, for an audience)
That is quite an experience, you know it too. And thank you once again for checking out this update and the concert 😇

Indeed ... I think what few imperfections there may have been were lovingly overlooked by that audience ... we know that children are still learning! Nothing will ever come out perfectly ... my favorite pianist Alfred Brendel sometimes missed a note or two even in his prime .... and so did Beethoven ... but what happens is that if the communication is made, the fact that we are still human is received with love and forgiveness. In Herr Brendel's case, if you watch him sometimes, you know he is being so moved by what he is playing and experiencing that he has a double task: holding it together, and playing well enough to communicate! Every so often Herr Moll bent time signatures and just carried pianists and audiences along for the ride because of the same challenge! We get to stay human ... even the great names of the past did, and that is part of what made them great. Your son has grasped the secret -- practice hard, communicate well, and it is OK to be fully human while doing it!

practice hard, communicate well, and it is OK to be fully human while doing it!

That is indeed the essence and the greatest thing one musician can and should learn! <3

I am the Carlos Kleiber of children's choir directors in a church setting ... I get on their nerves about practice, decorum, how they sit, how they stand ... and then we go have the house on its feet (although I almost fell out laughing at that one video when Herr Kleiber nailed some member of the orchestra with a dirty look during the performance when a note was missed -- that is so me, for better because it works, and for worse because now I know what I look like to my choir members). I never speak to them of their musical mistakes. I just make plans to go fix said mistakes at the next time of preparation. The most important thing at this stage to teach them is how to practice well and communicate clearly, and give them room to be human and growing.

When you said 2239 kilometers, for a moment I thought your son was in space. That would be weird haha but then I remembered that @ph1102 mentioned your son's concert on the show. It must have been a very different and beautiful experience and also very proud of course.

He was still not in space 😁 , though music can make magic, so who knows actually 😉

It was different from attending a concert in person, because of the sound perception but we were anyway proud and happy to see him, would not miss that live streaming 😇

I imagine how you would stand still trying not to miss a single detail of the concert, searching and searching to find your son among the orchestra. You would applaud like one more spectator, and I'm sure you would even shed a tear or two of emotion. Yes or yes. Proud mom. Congratulations and congratulate him for me. Sorry for my delay in commenting. Have a nice Tuesday.🥰❤️🌹

We saw him from the first moment and could see him well through the whole concert so it was not an issue. Yesterday he showed us a moment just he knew that happened when the violin's shoulder rest came loose so he had to hold it somehow between his shoulder and the violin, as there was no rest in the composition for some minutes, then he quickly took it out and where there was a good opportunity he attached it to the violin again. No one noticed the accident, and he quickly solved it. There are always things that happen on the stage 😅 Thank you @mamani and a happy Tuesday to you too 🌸

Good Tuesday to you. And above all successes.❤️🌹🥰

At least you had the chance to attend and did not miss it. It's a huge thing though. I bet you were proud of him 😊

We were proud, of course. 😇
He was on the screen on Saturday, but the very next day we could hug him already on the airport. They arrived home :)

If I would be in your position, I would surely proud of my son. Even though I can't watch their performance in person, but praying him secretly while performing on their concert would be a great help to him. 😊