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RE: ¿How is sounding my Sunday evening mood?

I totally agree that you are indeed an eclectic Music lover, and for the record, I had to look up eclectic in the dictionary to be sure of what it means, hahaha.

LoL yeah, there is always an opportunity to learn new words in relation to music. But never forget, only he who seeks finds.

that's just the perfect word to describe your diversity in your relationship with music although as you pointed out, you have your preferences, just like everyone.

Well, I see you've been here only since March 2022. But you are right, I have indeed an humongous diversity in my relationship with music. Although to prove it to you, I'm afraid you'll have to jog back through almost six years ago to have a real taste of my true musical eclecticism.

thanks for sharing these songs, I always love to check out new genres. I have recently fallen in love with alternative music and I am looking to be eclectic in my love of music just like you, hahaha.

Always my pleasure mate. Then, just stay tuned bro. That by staying in close contact with these musical rarities, you will undoubtedly end up infecting yourself with some sort of eclecticism. LoL

great work @por500bolos

Thank you! enjoy your week! :)