Hive Projects weekly update: 8 projects added, 45 listed in total!

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What is Hive Projects?

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Newly added projects

All published projects were moderated and accepted by our Content Manager @lukmarcus, who works hard to make Hive Projects the best and most up-to-date directory of tools and apps in our ecosystem. The entire reward from this post goes to him.


Team: @inertia

Category: Programming Tools

Description: Hive-ruby the Ruby API for Hive blockchain.

hive-ruby on


Team: @inertia

Category: Other

Description: Redis based block follower is an efficient way for multiple apps to stream the Hive Blockchain. If you have multiple applications that need to perform actions as operations occur, meeseeker will allow your apps to each perform actions for specific operations without each app having to stream the entire blockchain.

meeseeker on


Team: @inertia

Category: Other

Description: Liquid tag for displaying Hive content in Jekyll sites.

Jekyll::Hive on

Team: @sn0n

Category: Specialized Hive Interfaces

Description: A $HIVE powered social profile. It's an alternative view into YOU on Hive. on

Witness Price Feed

Team: @drakos

Category: Witness Tools

Description: A price feed application written in NodeJS for witnesses on the Hive network.

Witness Price Feed on


Team: @ali-h

Category: Bots

Description: HiveBot is an open-source free library that provides real-time automation on top of Hive Blockchain with a very simple API. It is very useful for the new comers who want to develop applications on Hive, It can be easily used to perform automated tasks without having to go through node's mechanism and tricky API.

HiveBot on

Hive AutoClaim

Team: @arcange, @hive.autoclaim

Category: Bots

Description: Hive AutoClaim are services that will automatically claim any available Hive and Hive-Engine token, 24 hours a day! It will claim your available Hive rewards (HIVE, HP or HBD) every hour, if any. It will also perform the same operation for any available Hive-Engine token(s) once per day (Hive-Engine does not allow you to do it more often, whether manually or automatically).

Hive AutoClaim on

Hive Account Recovery

Team: @arcange, @hive.recovery

Category: Other

Description: Hive Recovery is a service that works uninterrupted and is completely autonomous. It will allow you to safely recover your account if it ever happens to be compromised.

Hive Account Recovery on

That would be all for today. Stay tuned for the next update and consider contributing to Hive Projects. It is a community-driven website.

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thanks for including my app. appreciate what you guys are doing, provides users with all the possible tools & projects on blockchain.

No problem, thanks for developing another useful tool for the Hive ecosystem!

Thanks for the shout-out @engrave!
I appreciate the time you guys spent researching and filling out the hive projects data also.
I have been posting mostly on @sn0n for updates and such, but the official account should be @blokz, my bad for being a lazy dev and not switching accounts before posting most of the time.
Anyone that checks out the site, please leave feedback on GitHub or join our Discord.
It's still heavily in development and we're just getting started.

Thanks for clarification! @lukmarcus, can you take a look at it?

Thanks for info! I added project account and contact information.

Hej, wydaje się, że zapomniałeś o swoim koncie na Steemit.

great list. Hope to see more people developing applications for HIVE!

There are many more projects, we're still adding them ;)