Hive Projects weekly update: 7 projects added, 52 listed in total!

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What is Hive Projects?

Hive Projects is the biggest directory of apps, sites, tools, and scripts created for the Hive ecosystem. This website is an entirely volunteer-driven effort. That includes coding time and hosting costs. If you wish to help or show your gratitude, there are plenty of ways in which you can do that:

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Newly added projects

All published projects were moderated and accepted by our Content Manager @lukmarcus, who works hard to make Hive Projects the best and most up-to-date directory of tools and apps in our ecosystem. The entire reward from this post goes to him.


Team: @holger80

Category: Programming Tools

Description: Python tools for obtaining and processing hive engine tokens and NFTs.

hiveengine on

Team: @holger80

Category: Other

Description: is a feature-rich auto voting tool. It can be used to upvote posts/comments based on various rules. It is also possible to follow voting and downvoting trails. A special feature are voting power based vote rules, in which a post is upvoted when the voting power increases above a threshold. on


Team: @waiviolabs, @waivio, @grampo

Category: Specialized Hive Interfaces

Description: Waivio is an Open Source social network and communications platform which extends itself to a variety of rich features and functionality including free digital payments and a marketplace for goods and services.

Waivio on


Team: @roelandp

Category: Wallets

Description: HiveWallet is the multi account wallet and dapp browser for iOS and Android supporting Keychain based Hive (d)apps. With the HiveWallet you can monitor any account on the Hive blockchain.

HiveWallet on


Team: @aggroed, @lensy

Category: Specialized Hive Interfaces

Description: is a digital photography marketplace built on the Hive blockchain. Transactions are free and 3 second block times means all transactions resolve very quickly.

Lensy on


Team: @inertia

Category: Other

Description: BeeLine is a BeeChat Client Framework for Ruby. It provides abstraction to for ruby developers to interact through the BeeChat API.

BeeLine on


Team: @reazuliqbal, @aggroed

Category: Other

Description: BeeChat is real-time chat service for Hive built by Hive-Engine. If you have a Hive account, you can start chatting immediately with other users from the websites which would implement BeeChat in them.

BeeChat on

That would be all for today. Stay tuned for the next update and consider contributing to Hive Projects. It is a community-driven website.

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