Hive Projects weekly update: 5 projects added, 146 listed in total!

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Newly added projects

Hive Post Downloader

Team: @blokz

Category: Other

Description: A web-based Hive post downloader that will fetch all a user's hive posts into indexeddb storage in your browser and then package it up into a zip file full of markdown(.md) files to use with apps and services outside the Hive ecosystem.

Hive Post Downloader on


Team: @bala41288

Category: Bots

Description: Kani Bot is a discord notification service for the Hive Engine tokens. The bot does a job similar to Gina Bot but currently focusing on notifications related to Hive Tribes and Hive Engine Tokens.

Kanibot on

Hive Engine Tools

Team: @themarkymark

Category: Other

Description: A handy tool to check various properties of Hive-Engine powered tokens, like their distribution, curation rewards, market statistics, richlist and many more.

Hive Engine Tools on

STEM geeks

Team: @themarkymark, @stembounties, @stemcuration, @stembot, @stemmarket, @stemgeeks, @nostem4u

Category: Specialized Hive Interfaces

Description: STEMGeeks is a community focused on STEM topics rewarding engagement with STEM tokens. STEMGeeks is powered by the Hive blockchain with its own distribution model for STEM tokens in addition to the potential HIVE tokens. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and includes a wide range of science and technology topics.

STEM geeks on

Ape Mining Club

Team: @themarkymark, @apeminingclub

Category: Games

Description: Ape Mining Club is an idle simulation game that incorporates its own APE token. You can use APE to purchase mining equipment to increase your share of the daily emission created by each pool. Each pool has a set daily rate that represents how many APE tokens it issues daily. The community can work together to boost the pool to double the daily emission of a pool. You can get a share of that daily emission by purchasing equipment in each pool. When equipment is purchased, rewards are split between the current pool owner, APE token holders, and dev team with most of the rewards being burned.

Ape Mining Club on

That would be all for today. Stay tuned for the next update and consider contributing to Hive Projects. It is a community-driven website.

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Thanks for the add. New features coming soon!

Hi Just used your tool. Amazing work and just what I was looking for.

I would love to see an option to backup images

A project I would be interested in seeing is one that can accurately provide me with a token history of buy and sell. The new market_closeOrder has really messed up the totals of the tokens I track and has also removed some information. So here is what is needed:
Date - to/from - type - operation - amount : This history on both the LEO-DEX and on Hive-Engine has become extremely unreliable and both sites show different totals.

So an accurate token history program would be great, Ideally one that would allow out-put to a spreadsheet program, this would also be a big aid for people that need to report crypto info on their taxes.

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Seems @themarkymark has been very busy. The thriving Hive ecosystem needs to get more publicity. Can we get all these projects on the dapp listing sites?


Can we get all these projects on the dapp listing sites?

Sure we can, feel free to submit them ;)

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