Hive Projects weekly update: 3 projects added, 174 listed in total!

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Newly added projects


Team: @rishi556, @hivetrending, @acidyo

Category: Other

Description: Proof of Sharing incentivizes the sharing of Hive content on #web2 such as Twitter & Reddit through its token POSH and Hive rewards. It aims for genuine growth on both Hive and your #web2 account to increase awareness and the reach of our Hive ecosystem outside of it.


Astral Revelations

Team: @japex1226, @spiritsurge, @entrepidus, @newenx, @seplevega

Category: Games

Description: *Games have lost their souls!

These days, your average game is either chopped up into presale DLC, plagued by loot boxes, or stealing your lunch money with gacha collection systems. RNG reigns supreme when it comes to how far spending money gets, and you don't even own any of the (mostly useless) tidbits you receive! Monetizing the gaming experience—whether traditional or blockchain gaming—has begun to dominate the common motivation for creating games. The enjoyability of the player's core gaming experience has been pushed to the side for the sake of making a quick buck.

Storytelling has become optional.

The most memorable (and nostalgic) games often have a story to tell. That story influences the way players interact with the game by teaching them important lessons through its characters. With monetization overtaking creativity in game design, many gaming franchises have begun to downsize the important of their lore or leave out the story entirely!

Blockchain games aren't accessible.

Some of the most popular blockchain games right now no longer have an "affordable" entry point for new players due to the "early bird" advantages offered in many presales. Other games unintentionally isolate their communities by requiring the purchase of assets (NFTs) that have ballooned in price beyond what would be practical for new players. Too many blockchain games are fostering exclusive clubs of competitive investors that hinder their growth.

Gameplay above all else.

As a blockchain game development studio, our mission is to provide gamers with familiar experiences that merge traditional gaming principles with web3 values. We want our games to be enjoyable while supported by the digital ownership features made possible by blockchain technology. For us, this means offering a free-to-play system focused on rewarding players for playing the game rather than pressuring them to spend more.

Own what you earn.

Surgent Gaming is driven by a #play2own design philosophy where gamers own the assets they collect in-game. We don't want players to view our games as tedious chores connected to an earnings treadmill. Playing, itself, should be the goal, and keeping what you earn is the joyous byproduct of digital ownership. Our games will be accessible (with multiple localizations!) and rewarding regardless of how much you choose to invest.

We will do this through our game Astral Revelations*

Astral Revelations on


Team: @blackheart1, @muterra, @balaz

Category: Games

Description: *MuTerra is a Play-2-Earn retro RPG + TCG on HIVE blockchain!

Come fight and tame mutated animals. Collect their cards and earn rewards through NFTs!*

MuTerra on

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Thanks for having us!

Thank you...Appreciate the add.
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Thanks for adding POSH project!

Great to see $POSH and these projects included.

Thank you for highlighting interesting Hive projects! I'll take a look at 'Astral Revelations'. It sounds like the team has a purpose for their game that goes beyond creating a gaming dAPP.

What a good thing more projects : )

@engrave hi, how do we get listed please? 😎

Thanks for the update.