Anti-spam efforts

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Lots of dick picks, people vomiting and other similar nasty pictures have been spammed by an angry user (steem-bootcamp / hive-destroyer / etc) on Hive in the past few days in the form of hundreds of comments:


This bot will now automatically downvote any activity from hive haters spamming this platform with inappropriate content.

Follow my downvote trail on to automatically downvote everything that @keys-defender downvotes, in order to counteract these attacks reducing the abusers' reputation and making their spam less visible.

Automatic flags:


In action



Notifications in discord channel:



Joining the trail here in a minute. Nice work!!

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Flags won't do anything as you cannot hide comments unless you bring rep below zero. This was done to prevent retaliation where users would flag a users comments to hide them all which takes very little voting power to maintain.

Currently rep is disabled on most nodes, so even if you get it below zero, it won't hide it.

Right now the best course of action is authors muting the account and have it collapsed that way. Also get the image hosting blacklisting fixed.

Clearly some manner of spam prevention must be in place otherwise we're leaving the door open for much more than this nuisance. Right now it's obviously lacking. The reputation system seems to be the best we have for the moment.

The blacklists and irredeemables are not used either. Although peakd does use it for most things just not

It's your Nazi's fault because you flagged a social project that made a few cents. This is just the beginning I have 300 accounts but unfortunately the bots on your shitty chain don't buy the bots properly. 5 months ago you flagged one account to a non-profit organization - 4. This time I'm not giving up, I'm getting hundreds of accounts and I'm also taking money to buy or lease stakes. Megalomaniac witnesses like you will destroy HIVE. Because of me the first HIVE are leaving, including some medium sized Stak Holder.

Hive is shit- and Steem's course is soon 50% higher than HIVE's. And are you all still happy here ? You have been lured here by a gang of power obsessed witnesses, who only wanted to enrich themselves and also have been lured here on the chain that is doomed to perdition.

you cannot hide comments unless you bring rep below zero

I see. I wasn't aware of this hf24 change.

Why does it work sometimes though? I thought it was just because I did not have enough HP / VP.. 👇

And yeah, clearly it would be better if we can fix all those issues you mentioned.

For now at least those comments won't be at the top in the comments section.

This was changed well before HF24, in fact it existed on Steem. Spammers were retaliating by nuking users comments to hide them. This was considerably easier than hiding posts and potentially more destructive.

Right now there is some janky things happening with comments due to rep being disabled and showing stale rep. I'd have to do some testing on as I only use Peakd these days.

he is making me dispointed Please MUTE