Fixes and improvements to DB backup&restore mechanism, sentry integration & mailgun integration

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Today I've decided to spend more time, not on adding new projects, but to make sure, that whole website will be working correctly, moving forward. The truth is, that HiveProjects is not yet fully ported to Hive. Being perfectly honest, development of Steem Projects was... not really happening in 2019. I forgot a lot of things, so even creating an another instance for Hive was not so straight forward.


🔧 Fixes for database backup/restore mechanism

When you put a lot of effort, into creating a database, you first and foremost should make sure, that this database will not be lost, because of some unexpected event. In last few days, I've noticed that there is some problem with a restore_db script:


I wasn't sure, if there is a problem with a script, which makes a backup of a database or if there is a problem with a script, which can restore a db from a backup. I've decided, that this is super important to fix, because the only thing worse than not having a backup, is thinking that you have a backup, when you truly don't!

It turns out, the problem was with restore_db script, which was failing, because of wrong exit status code, which was 1 (instead of 0), because of some warnings:



I've spend quit some time, trying to understand what can I do, to get rid of those warnings. But after trying few things with a success, I've decided to ignore those errors, while making sure those in the future those and any new warnings will be more visible, so I will be able to notice new potential problems.

Currently creating a database backup & restore procedure looks like this:


🔧 Integration of Sentry (tool for errors & crashes reporting)

Fortunately, that was easy. I've just needed to update a DJANGO_SENTRY_DSN environment variable, and everything started working :)


So, whenever you will get an error page like that:


Which BTW, you can trigger by going directly to

then you can be sure, that I will get info about possible root cause of a problem.

💥 Fix for crash, which happen when user was adding a project.

When a user submits a project, I'm am notified by an email about this fact. Well.. I suppose to be notified, but I wasn't, because of `"Domain not found" error`` of anymail/mailgun.

It took me a while, to find a solution for this one. Fortunatelly, someone wrote a really helpful blogpost: Fixing anymail/mailgun "Domain not found" error

It turned out, fdeix was simple as:

But I've spend over an half an hour, trying to figure out this.

That would be all for today. If you want to support development of HiveProjects, please consider doing one or many of the fallowing things:

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why can't I log in to my wallet and write a post?

what wallet?

when opening a wallet on the site it shows

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


I guess, wallet is not fully ported yet. You can try using