How to convert $HIVE to $XPR via $EOS + +kucoin First con ...

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How to convert $HIVE to $XPR via $EOS + +kucoin
First convert HIVE to #EOS (speed/fees)

You can even do it without EOS wallet, just put #kucoin deposit address/memo into changenow!

Sell EOS for BTC & buy $XPR
Now buy $SNIPS on /

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HOPEFULLY Ill just get @protonxpr top add XHIVE to metalpay protonswap as a peg X token so we can help hive users just more easily do a one button deposit and swap like I can do with XEOS !

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Screenshot_20230501_110946.jpg pools
pools to use or setup for free on eos when you conveet hive to eos as swap.eos is a bad price for withdraw so changenow is better

BUT FOR DEPOSITS SWAP.EOS is a great deal! so
always deposit your eos ro hive engine if you for now want ro take advantage of arbitrage and make like what an extra 10 or 15% on your eos if you want hive for it? i keep forgetting this

and for withdraws ive found QAX od viying swap.wax and withdrawing is a good arbitrage where you get more than ifnu just biight waxp on kucoin

so depoait eos to hive engine and sell fthe swap.eos for swap.hive and buy swap.wax and withdraw ro wax main net and u end up making money for now

if eosx and an eos telos wax xpr peg and gateway isnt enough

then well get @wleo devs paid to instruct us on forking their bsc/eth metamask keychain gateway service and fromt end site and have our own service charhing 1000 hive or 2000 hive worth of their tokens new bsc/erc20 to sell, to make an erc20/bsc out od any hive engine token and add to a gateway that must be hosyed kainatntee paid for with the pay from new hive engine tokens wanting a eth bsc peg!