Is #elonmusk hinting at using #dpos for #x / #Twitter? Let's remember that HE ...

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... PROBABLY was told about #steem at SOME point during his buyout, because he inerited now leaked #projectbluesky pre-whitepaper from #jackdorsey which had good chunk dedicated to steempower/dpos

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The article explains how since he talked about making Philippine and new Zealand users pay $1 to signup, I guess he's mentioned it again for ALL new users since he's driven bot farms to spreadout to all countries I guess?

It's solved via dpos blockchain where you need stake to post

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So the question is, since we all know dpos is the solution here (basically adding hive under the hood of twitter) ...does that mean that Elon will use a dpos blockchain to make Twitter future proof and economically and mathematically sustainable? I mean @dan larimer has been workingonthisfordecades

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