Ever seen how soundcloud shows comments that are attached to a timecode of a song? Imagine if hive-engine allowed every trade to leave a comment reoly post "trade note" so we could read a discussion by traders

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See how SoundCloud shows a comment attached to a timecode in the song? What if hive-engine.com did this for the market chart with comnents made by the traders? Or just start by allowing traders to mouse hover over the chart and SEE WHO made each trade on the chart...

And..i guess we have already begun this process because you can now see which ACCOUNT made each recent trade!

We could have something hive-engine.com was a hive front end that could use your posting permissions to post actual hive blog posts for every trade you made ... as a comment reply to a master post made by the token creator account ... and all traders have an option to leave a comment reply with their hive account ...this comment reply would have the information abiut their trade.. tx Id and link for he block explorer for that trade... and a comment! Trader notes!

If we had blog posts visible on each hive engine market page.. posts or comments made by someone who just made a trade for that market ...maybe using a special hashtagthat makes them show up...it would let us see what the traders are saying about each market! 🙂

and the post showed up can have a link automatically made like a signature that shows the transaction ID for the hive engine trade! 🙂

You ever use SoundCloud? Ever seen how they have comments along the songs timeline?

Hive Engine block explorer integrated posts inside hive-engine.com could turn that website into a hive front end for posting comnents and discussions about each market page and listing of every token ... so each token can have a discussion with the too holders and traders