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i got like $18 bucks or 600K PEPE we now need a campaign to get people into hive by giving them peope

i mean why not give away 1 PEPE each to many new users who we can show them how to get free hIVE by maing posst on a hive pepe community hivekind onncetd to a subredditr

or somethin

liek we need to show people on crypto twitter that hive is a great way to earn bitcoin and pepe token is their gateway into hive

ah i missed it because i was searcjing pepe in my own eallet nor all tokens

ima just make HPEPE loeer supply like the brc20 ane ima do somethin with alcor and ordinals and have a community which u shoule have to

how does this sound?

send 1 HIVE to @pepetokens for 1000 HPEPE presale of 100,000 pepe

does that sound good?

i may do sometjing like this
then it will be 2 HIVE for 1000 HPEPE for the next 100,000 $HPEPE and then 3 and so on untill the last 100,000 are sold for 10 HIVE per 1000 ? sound good?

1 Million Max Supply & airdrop to current hive users ?

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ah i see there is already a $PEPE but we need like pegged HPEPE maybe with an erc20 or something so people can make money with an oitpost and that couod actually get people investing and disocver hive with fucking pepe the frig figures

that Is How hive woue end up getting recognized by the meme world finally by showing off its anti censorshio and money making with hive communities but eere missing a cheao way to do nfts altho we can do nftshowroom we need nfts on hive with a pepe token system liek weedcash and outpoats have

so we just need pepe to have outpost and jfts but we need nfts ro be easier to make like commjnities on hive need layer 1 jfts it needs ro comoete with ordinals and opensea and ahot and atomichub we need to have an atomicBLOG

we need DBUZZ To have free or CHEAP nfts that onky cost like 0.1 HIVE to mint nfts of ur succesful dbuzz hive posts we need ways ro do nfts SUPER easily minted durectky in @peakd

if peakd could ket u click 1 butron and mint nft from a post As Your making tye post and it just auto mints an nft now That would get a lot of people into nfts especialy when u can give them out autonaticaly to ewrliest or top upvoters/curator

should it be $HPEPE or $PEPEH or $HPEPE ? Hive HPEPE seems more honest but whatever it should just be $PEPE and it ahould just have a peakd community and be all about pepe memes and operate like a board

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This Pepe supports HPEPE.

Pepe memes

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Hmmm yes actually I think a PEPE bot could do very well in the Hive Ecosystem.

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Agree that a bot could do very well in Hive with PEPE.


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When? 😇🤔

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Next month 🤔🤗

Pepe maybe

Think the bot seems best currently. Willing to throw a bunch of PEPE at a bot or anything else that anyone builds, creates, puts together, or otherwise.

However agree how do we link Pepe on hive with the rest of the world?

Pepe hi

pepe pee pee poo poo tokens

i got 600k PEPE like $18 so far

ste[ps must be taken to limit supply and increase promotion of pepe as a gateway drug into hive itself