A well without water dries up. A well without water dries up. I have b ...

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A well without water dries up.
A well without water dries up. I have been reading these last 24 hours, users complaining and fearing the fall of the HIVE, but nobody encourages reinvestment on the platform. Users just want to take out and take out, but who values the blockchain…

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Yes you are right, i think 😀
I don't think the Hive price will go up without more users and curators here.
I wish the Hive price would never drop, but this market is weird like that...
It is not investiment advice by the way 😆

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Sad reality, brother. Another thing that's going around in my head is the lack of identity, artificial intelligence is driving us towards a substitute identity....

At the moment, I don't think artificial intelligence is exactly that smart yet.
I think it needs more time.

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It is a bear market ... this is normal... the price will go up and stay up for a while when the crypto cycle completes this portion. For now, there will be rallies, but, the cycle is still downward at this point.

Many, many people are reinvesting and encouraging reinvestment on Hive. Look up HBD Savings, and look at all the curation projects there are, still growing. Do not despair -- this is just part of the crypto cycle.

Thank you for your comment... I am not worried about the price of the cryptocurrency, I am more concerned about the user's attitude to the blockchain. I know that there are great projects to strengthen the platform, I participate in some of them, but 75% of users do what they do is squeeze without investing, they consider HIVE the goose that lays the golden egg...

There is something else to consider, though: we have been in a pandemic since the year Hive became Hive, and inflation is a heavy burden. Hive has been the margin of survival for many, and survival is the first human necessity ... and YET, if you read closely, you will find many of the same communities that are always tagged as the problem driving adoption, bringing businesses in, and beginning to push those HBD savings.

The other thing to consider: Hive is a community. If 75 percent needs to live from Hive, then that is what we should expect Hive to provide. In any democracy, we would not be surprised with that outcome if 75 percent of the people decided on that. So, if you tell me that 75 percent of the community is living on Hive, then I would have to conclude that Hive is doing what the community expects of it to do.

Well, I support his thesis. But then, let that 75% stop complaining and talking shit when HIVE goes down. They are winning and they complain...

I like it when the Hive price falls... we see fewer spam and scams on the platform.

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Certainly, that's because users stop posting because they don't fatten their wallets as usual. None of them reinvest profits in the platform. Thank you for your comment.


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