can i spread that image on my fb account?

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testing new permlink generation

no payout, votes, curation rewards

take 2

take 3, this time via hive-keychain

t4, keychain, regular payout, autoclose on send

Does this still work ?

how about now?

Did he actually say that?

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I don't think so 😅😣

HAHAHAHA YES its like SAY NO TO too hahaha

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Love this pic!

This is so funny! Nice! The one who took the picture

I don't like being a rebel just for being a rebel. Actually I hate rebels unless I know their reasons and feel the extent of that rebellion is justified by those reasons. They usually are!

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🔥This is interesting! 💥Good video. 😊 Like! 👍

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I put a lot of work into the video thanks for noticing

We have chosen to support your post because you are one of the good promoters of Hive on Twitter based on our Hive Twitter Daily Report.

We appreciate your time and enthusiasm for promoting Hive!

Keep up the good job! 😍😍😍

This is done with the support of #theycallmedan and the #threespeak team.

@ausbitbank how can I direct message you?

I replied to your twitter DM, I'm also in pretty much every hive discord as ausbitbank#7053

Thank you, @ausbitbank!
Oh and I swear I'm not Kelly Slater but I do love Australia as well!

Voted for your witness, truth matters.

please consider reviewing your witness votes