The post is a copypasta spam with no original content.

Yes, the author is actually @dantespinetta not and I recommend they add strong captions to the videos and images they share.

I also recommend you consider using a less authoritarian Profile picture and possibly rebrand to something more friendly @hivewatchers.

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Everyone who was asked for feedback about our logo gave a very positive one.

You are the only one who has this peculiar association with authoritarianism.

I understand that it may be related to your high sensitivity to engaging with any form of governance/government except Christian god / Jesus Christ.

That's what I understood from your regular posts about the love of god, anti-vaccination / Covid "Plandemic" or WHO as a criminal organisation.
With occasional propagation of qAnon stories.

I can assure you that the logo and avatar have nothing to do with anything satanic.
It is not created by the reptilian Illuminati either.





 6 months ago (edited) 

... year but I have learned a lot since then, and my writing style, worldviews, etc. have changed.

I still see the idea of being "watched" and the strong owl logo as leaning to close to authorianism.

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On a second note, will you be attending this year?

I am interested in meeting you in person and find in-person conversations much more authentic at times than online discussions.

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Unfortunately, I will not be attending Hive Fest this year.
It is logistically very difficult and costly.
And it seems a bit risky as I would need to fly to LA and then rent a car to drive through Tijuana.

Ah okay. This will be the first I attend.

Have you attended one yet?

I think you and I could connect in person more. Online communication is so often misinterpreted.

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