4 am and ready to sleep. ...

in D.Buzz9 months ago

4 am and ready to sleep. Just i made 1 mistake :D I checked the steem trending page :D Looks bit different like few months before and also hard to understand it because it is all in chinese and korean :D


Google translate can help.😁
I tried it before, it seems the translation is not perfect but at least gives idea on what the post is all about.😊

Now it is officially not a international blogging platform for sure :D I dont really bother to translate it because i bet half is a spam :D

Yeah, imagine if $Hive was never born 😣

huh than there will be a real vote war for sure :D

Steemit Inc. holds about 75 million #steem, so the war would be easily won by them . . Trending posts might change to Korean and Chinese anyways, but we'd have no place else to go.