There is an issue on @dbuzz right now where RT was able to post content over 280 characters.

We are in the process of fixing it now.

ah yeah saw it and also the notification on dbuzz is not updated that is why I need to check on the other site to reply

Yes, the devs were making changes and if the notifications also has a bug, it will be fixed. The first thing in line right now are 1. Image Uploads 2. Dark mode 3. Link / video embeds BUT the devs might be packaging those things with additional updates / features 👍

Do you like hot sauce? If so, What kind? #hotdogs

I like hot wings and the noodles that are mildly spicy, aside from that, I don't like spicy things 😁

You and my daughter would get along great. She loves the spicy noodles. I love hot wings myself!

Any kind of hot sauce 😁 how about you?

I do myself enjoy all types of hot sauce! Have been on a Kikkoman Siracha kick as of late.