Who wants to see #HiveChat on Hive? We are attempting to integrate #H ...

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Who wants to see #HiveChat on Hive?

We are attempting to integrate #Hive and Twitter with this week's #hivechat!!

November 10, 2020 @ 12.00h (Noon) GMT

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I welcome this HIVEChat 2.0

We need to use Twitter to talk to people/project are not part of HIVE.

HIVEChat is better suited within HIVE

We plan on releasing Buzz->Twitter on our Testnet https://next.d.buzz before tomorrow's #HiveChat so you will be able to market on #Twitter using #HIVE!! 😎💪

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Exactly. That's why I'll be experimenting this week.

Only way to validate ideas are by experiments

We are scheduled to release our Buzz->Twitter feature tomorrow on our Testnet:

So users will be able to post to #Twitter from @dbuzz in tomorrow's #HiveChat 😮🎉🎈

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This sounds so cool, I love this idea.

Glad you like it!

Our Buzz->Twitter is scheduled for release on our Testnet:

So you will be able to participate in #HiveChat on #Hive & #Twitter at the same time 😮🎉🎈

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I want to see HiveChat on HIVE

Awesome! We've just started!

Will be uploading the first question next!

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We are scheduled to have our Buzz->Twitter rolled out on our Testnet:

Before tomorrow's #HiveChat 😎💪

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Wow!! Super cool! What time will #hivechat be on this week?

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Hi @iamraincrystal,
Back to the usual time: 12.00 GMT/UTC

Yes, I'm wondering what time it will be too 😊

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That's a big leap forward. We'll get even more users after this!

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Lets hope so @d-zero!
See you there today at 12.00 PM GMT

Totally love this idea!

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Awesome! Hope you can join in!
Just mentioned you in the tutorial. Did you know one of you Twitter followers joined hive mid-hivechat last week?

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 30 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!