Shill me some high-quality under-rewarded authors on #HIVE to follow. ...

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Shill me some high-quality under-rewarded authors on #HIVE to follow. Look at some of my reblogs if you need some examples. If I end up following your suggestion, I'll hit your comment with a 100% vote.

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Checked some communities I'm part of, and I believe this is an under-rewarded post:

China is scary....

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Thanks, that is a decent blog and for sure under-rewarded.

Thx @ahmadmangazap for the mention on this and @joshman for the support after that. Highly appreciated I must say and a cool initiave that you are trying to find people getting quality out there!

Y'all both rock!

I wouldn't categorize her as under-rewarded, but a good follow anyways so I'll meet you half way.

I think, you should look at @steevc Follow Friday posts - he helps newbies onboard here a lot. Some of new authors from his last post - @seabass-n-broc , @amy-explores

@kralizec posts really good summaries of interesting science and tech news every day. I would love to see him/her better rewarded.

I agree. Good stuff there. I wish they didn't legitimize Steemit by posting the same content there. That's my only issue. It may be why some larger hive holders aren't voting them.

I'm glad you like my content guys. I understand that posting on steem may be putting some off. I might try not doing so.

BTW: I don't do only science, I also do daily cool games that are newly available on Steam (not Steem) and I try to do a full game review weekly including a video.

Sounds good. Followed.

It's going to be hard to attract votes there anyhow. It's mostly certain people rewarding themselves at the expense of everyone else.

Define "under-rewarded" at current HIVE price.

Lower value compared to similar posts. I'd imagine they would be newer authors if they even exist.

  • The subject of the post : Hive voting
  • Content-Type : Only Words
  • Numbers of photos : 0
  • Numbers of videos : 0
  • Post quality : GOOD
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    Thank you @joshman