Perhaps key HIVE proponents should be involved in this discussion with ...

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Perhaps key HIVE proponents should be involved in this discussion with Larry Sanger, one of the creators of Wikipedia. No annoying shills with vacuous platitudes please.

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i tired to not be a shill and answer some questions that i could with my lack of technical knowledge.

not sure was it smart to share the Tim Copelan article when he asked about the prof that company that started it is not owning the blockchain. but it is our history, we cant run away from it.

and i think he did not open it, as there is only one click on the article and i think it was me :D


Hope something comes of this.

from the further conversation i seen, he is just not interested in anything that is not build now.
i understand few things he wants to do, but saying that the best thing is self hosting is a bit funny. it is ok for some people (discovery would be on the level "really really bad) and thinking average people can self host, when we see that a lot have a problem with "why do i have 4 passwords and how do i log in"

Yes he seems to have a bias against blockchain. But given how most blockchains behave I don't blame him. Hive really is unique in that aspect of decentralization.

He doesn't seem to like Hive, or doesn't know enough about Hive to differentiate from other Blockchain dapps.

Most of the people responding to him about hive don't offer him much substance.

I was surprised he responded to my retweet asking about Hive clients. Some good info shared there.

We need a wiki page to consolidate some of this info.

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What about the discussion should be?

MAybe u will be interested @Chrisrice

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Well that rules me out then

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Eos has IQ and we should yes definitely have a hive wiki its time

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