Did You Know wLeo Got Hacked On Ethereum Chain?

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@leofinance just posted its update about what happened to wLeo on ETH chain. It looks like they lost about 114 ETH which is about $ 42,000 at the current rate. In a way, it is good that it happened now rather than later because wLeo - Leofinance's DeFi initiative - is only a couple of weeks old and very popular among Hiveans. Hiveans are starting to invest 1000s of Dollars in wLeo liquidity pool. Had it happened in another couple of weeks, the loss would have been a lot more than 114 ETH, probably thousands of ETH.

Full story and source credit: https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@leofinance/wleo-was-hacked-on-ethereum-or-thank-you-everyone-for-the-amazing-support

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Wrong. What is 114 ETH?
114 was SAVED. Not stolen.

Read one more time Khal's post, and plz be more careful

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It was in the post I listed as source credit. It looks like the post is edited.

But, I am sorry for the misquote, if the info I provided was wrong. I stand corrected.

My intention is just to inform the community, not to mislead. After all, I am a member and fan & supporter of Leofinance community.

Ah okay.. yeah, so we are still waiting for the amount that was stolen..

Good that you corrected his Buzz 🙂✌️