Another day in AltspaceVR

in D.Buzz2 months ago

As usual I logged in to AltspaceVR to find new friend. I was at new space today the News Space. Somehow not so many people there.


As always a selfie in a new place before I go exploring.

A map for the place, how convenient xD

The interior is big.

Looks like I can do some cooking show after this, but no Headset, had to be in '2D mode' on pc.

This was like a talk show setup. A discussion about the latest news and viral video and viral crypto currency like Hive :D

AltspaceVR name @tawadak24 do add me. Lets meet up at #Hivefest2021


tngan mana tngan

Indada tangan ni. Ulung. Ada tapak tngan sj namun dlm poket