#weedchatwednesdays on he #weedcash network starts today at 4:20 EST i ...

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#weedchatwednesdays on he #weedcash network starts today at 4:20 EST in the Weedcash Network #discord chat. This will be recorded and uploaded to 3Speak.tv new #weekly #events ! We want to keep to a topic, but today is just a first run!

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lol i was in altspace next time il be there

yeah, we are doing it in Discord. Most of the community has that, very few are set up for Altspace yet.


What's the time in East Africa Time?
You should count me in...

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You will have to figure that one out on your own man, sorry, lol. There are websites for that.

hahaha 'good' customer care services 🤣🤣
you should add me on your curation fanbase...
as a fine 😎👍
I need someone to help me figure it out though...

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I think its 22.20 that is in nl

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