Borrow my SL cards for free! I’ve had little time to play Splinterlan ...

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Borrow my SL cards for free!

I’ve had little time to play Splinterlands these days. My monsters sit with an ever-growing bloodlust🥲.

Borrow any card in my collection. If it’s not already loaned out, it’s yours.

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Thanks @jlordc for sharing the post, and thank

I love to have
Zaku, Alric stormbringer, brighton bloom, sea monster, frozen soldier

and many more but just wanted 5 for now and leave for others :D

Sorry Yodin was already taken. Sent you the rest.

WOW, Thanks for precious Cards

You are welcome

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Is this for real? Lol Let me then xD Is there a limit? Lol

Mimosa Nightshade, Black Dragon, Lightning Dragon, Diamond Dragon, Magi of the Forest, Screaming Banshee lol

OMG Thank You! Hopefully these cards would help me finally reach the Champions league this season.

Especially love the Screaming Bansheeeee. I love that card but a little bit out of budget reach. Thanks for letting me borrow these cards for a while :)

Wow okay, that's awesome!
Yodin, flesh gollem, zalran efreet, war chaang, frost giant & prismatic energy please 😄

SL account is freeztag

Could I borrow Chansues the Great , mischievous mermaid, daria dragonscale, and a war chaang if that's cool since I see you have more than one war chaang. If not no worries.

And thanks in advance

Oh, my account is dudeontheweb, Thanks

Could I borrow some gold cards please?

Black dragon,
Mermaid healer,
Enchanted pixie.

Thanks you.

Done! Hope it helps!

Thanks for that, i hope it helps too. 😁
Appreciate it.

Just leave a comment with the card name(s) and your SL account.

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If you want to give your cards a loving home with a player that will regularly feed them all the bloodlust and guts they'll ever want, I'm willing to take them off your hands. My username is gigas on SL. Seriously I'll take them all if you don't want them.

I'm especially interested in gold foil cards to borrow or Keep! Specifically black dragon goblin Mech haunted spirit and undead Rex and several more

Also can I get your robo dragon knight?

Which one is that?

It's a Legendary Dragon Card currently worth above $4 in the #Splinterlands Market. 😁

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are you still doing this? if so id love to have some cards reply is so. Thanks

il take furious chicken, obsidian, yodin zaku,Chimney Wallstop and lava launcher please and thank you and my account is mechaking25

Sorry, not at the moment. I'm focused on helping out guild members.