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RE: Is anyone having a snowy white winter so far?

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In a good snow year, there would be two feet of snow on the ground in my neighborhood in Utah at the start of December. This year the ground is still dry.


I saw some snow couple of days ago, but it mostly melted away. Locally here at the place where I live in Germany, there is maybe one week of snow. If we are lucky we get an inch of snow.
But in other areas there is still much more snow.
It is no comparison to 30 or 50 years ago.

Well, lets hope your snow happens on Christmas day. We finally got our first big snow. Here is the picture of the snow pile. I wrote a post on snow shoveling.

Utah is a desert and the snow is extremely light and fluffy.

Salt Lake City is weird. The valley usually gets less than a meter of snow in the winter. The foothills above the city get 1 to 2 meters. Some winters it melts away. The ski resorts in the mountains usually get 5 to 10 meters.

Oddly, the year we held the Winter Olympics ... 2002 ... was one of the worst snow years on record.