That's a really nice round

Thanks! I have a BTC one that is similar.

Very cool I managed to get a silver BTC coin not long ago !BBH

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Hello bozz!

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That's some nice silver to start out your TTT! Buying crypto with cards is always a nightmare, and it's not getting any better...

Those are some nice choices, ELO are great, Olivia Newton John was a truly gifted singer, it's a shame she passed away last year... I hadn't heard that Kate Bush song either, but it's pretty good!

Thanks! I have a bunch more to share as well that I picked up over the Thanksgiving weekend. Some pieces I had my eye on and then some unexpected ones too. I felt that last song fit really well with where we are at right now!

It sure did! I really miss having little kids at Christmas, they are always so much fun! But I'm not about to have more kids!

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Kate was hot...hotter than Nena back then tbh!

It is my first time seeing a physical Litecoin
Looks good though

There's really no such thing as a physical LTC. This is more commemorative than anything. It's still pretty cool though. I have a BTC one I bought a while ago as well. Eventually I will probably buy the ETH to round out my collection.

I still have a soft spot for LTC and I still own some too. That's a nice round!

Thanks, yeah, I think it will always be a little special to me!

SILVER!!!!!!! 😁
I like I like. Are you beginning to stack? Looks like it.

Yeah, I think I doubled my stack this year. I have something like 14 pieces now.

I loved ONJ and that was such a shame she passed away last year! Might have to listen to some of tunes tomorrow!

Kate Bush a teenager I got her to sign a poster of herself, she did it across her chest, talk about making me go red!

Nice! What a great memory embarrassing as it may be! She sounds like a delightful woman! 😃

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