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I always get a little worried when Friday rolls around. It tends to be a bit of an off day for me as far as posting goes. I try to fill it with interesting facts and tidbits can I hope that everyone can enjoy at least one of the things that I share.

Some weeks, things just come together a bit easier than other weeks. I've had plenty of Friday's where I am scraping together thoughts and ideas and I think this thing is going to get downvoted as a crap post for sure.

Then I have other weeks like this one where the content is coming at me so fast, I'm not sure how I am going to contain it all in a single post. Let's see if I can manage...

While not a proper Finance Friday post, I am going to talk about finance quite a bit. I'm also going to talk about tech, cars, and even a little bit of precious metals (I guess that's finance right?).


Let's start with the really important stuff though. Today is Hive Power Up Day and I was only able to pull together 300 HIVE to power up. It's quite a bit less than I was hoping to, but like many people, I found myself at a deficit in DEC when Splinterlands Lands launched. I had to move about 250 HIVE into DEC. That would have put me at the 500 HIVE I was hoping to power up this month.


I set a goal for myself to make it to 75,000 HP by the end of the year. That doesn't look like it is going to happen at this point, but my hope is that I can get to at least 70K. It's going to be a tight squeeze I think.

Almost Scammed

I've been dollar cost averaging into the COTI token for a while now. I heard about it from @cryptoandcoffee and it seems like a pretty decent project that has many of their ducks in a row, so I had zero problem supporting it. I happened to be over in the Discord the other day and was asking a question about US investors (currently they don't have access to areas other people do because of the SEC).

Someone in the channel suggested I open a support ticket. I clicked the link and had a chat started with the support rep. I've done this in Leo before, so nothing about the process triggered anything with me.

We talked for a bit, then they said that I needed to do an "integration check" with my Meta Mask wallet and their chain. They gave me a link to follow where I could do that check.

I can't say why, but for some reason I hesitated. It's not that anything was screaming "scam" to me, but something just didn't feel right. I reached out to @cryptoandcoffee, but he wasn't available (probably in the middle of a power cut in South Africa). I went back to the main channel and notice that the interactions I had with the person who suggested to open a support ticket had been deleted.

It was then I knew I needed to just back away slowly and count myself lucky for not having been duped. I'm so lucky I didn't relinquish full control of my MetaMask account. There's not a ton in there, but it still would have been devastating. Be careful out there folks!

Garage ID


I'm not usually the sort to shill projects, but every now and then something comes on my radar or I have a friend developing something that I feel compelled to share. I have an acquaintance in a Telegram channel that I have known since the last bull run. We are part of a faction in the Alien Worlds game and he has been doing developing and blockchain work for quite a while now.

Garage ID is his latest project. If you are a gearhead this is definitely for you. It's an dapp and community built around the love of cars and all things related to that. When the project is fully running, you will be able to load your vehicles in, track them, earn discounts for products and services and all other sorts of stuff.

Garage ID is currently a work in progress and they have a KickStarter campaign that you can check out in the link above.

I know there are probably a ton of shady Kickstarters out there, but I remember one called Steem Monsters that I donated to early on and look how that turned out for us...

Full disclosure, I still haven't committed funds yet, but I've thrown $50 at dumber projects backed by shadier people, so I don't really see much risk here.

Do your own research of course, but if you are a gear head, you definitely want to check this one out!

Bought Some More Silver!


This isn't going to be a full post, I am going to save that for another day, but I finally got around to picking up some more silver for the holidays over the Thanksgiving weekend. I tried to visit the one store in person, but they were closed. The other store was opened, but they didn't have a huge selection.

I ended up going online, biting the bullet, and paying $10 for the shipping charge to pick up these beauties (and some other stuff). I plan on keeping one of the Year of the Dragon 1 oz rounds for myself and the other I will give to my nephew/godson for Christmas. They are pretty sweet looking and I can't wait to share with you more info about the place I bought them from.

AI Influencers

I was doing my usual browse through the Yahoo news headlines the other day and I came across this article that I found really interesting. Apparently an agency in Spain got sick of dealing with spoiled and nagging clients, so they created their own AI influencer.

Oddly enough, the Instagram account for "Aitana" a 25 year old woman from Barcelona has skyrocketed to 150,000 followers and the agency states that the AI generated woman is brining in $11,000 per month in revenue for them.

She isn't only an influencer they also have her on a platform like OnlyFans making revenue that way as well. It definitely opens the door to the debate about exploitation of AI and where or if there is going to need to be a line drawn.

As a tech guy, I think it is kind of genius. You are solving a problem by removing the "unknown" factors and reducing the chaos that can be introduced due to the human element.

So far people don't seem to mind too much. In fact, a well known celebrity slid into Aitana's DM's and asked her for a date, totally oblivious to the fact that she wasn't real.

This could be a slippery slope or the most innovative thing to happen this year. Time will tell...

Check Your Witness Votes

Finally, I just want to reiterate how important it is to check your witness votes. Until recently, I had a handful of witnesses I was still voting for who had since gone offline. I've actually been seeing a lot of people spin up nodes lately and I think that is very encouraging. I don't know if it is the impending bull run, perhaps something else, but it is nice to see people putting "skin in the game" on the HIVE blockchain.

Of course, I would be remiss not to mention @nuthman. He has been here for a long time, so I know the bull run has nothing to do with it. He just loves this chain and wants to do his part to make it even more awesome. Please be sure to give him your witness vote if you have one to spare!

Sports Talk Social - @bozz.sports


All pictures/screenshots taken by myself or @mrsbozz unless otherwise sourced


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Damn! I need to make my own AI influencer to put on only fans! Only problem is I have no idea how to do it!

Very nice silver pickup! Beautiful rounds! This year we should see a lot of great dragon round and coins, choosing which ones to buy will the challenge...

By the way, glad you didn't get scammed. That eerie feeling is a dead giveaway... Then again I'm ultraparanoid in the crypto realm and I don't keep much in wallets I use like Metamask. Sounds like you do too, smart move!

Do you have any idea how to make an AI like that? I'll jump in the project if someone knows how to do it!

I know right! Just pay me in BTC or something like that and I will be fine. I've used some of the AI generators, but the part I don't understand is how they get the system to remember what it generated and then reuse that in different scenarios. I guess it probably isn't that hard, but once they get a model they like they need to save that as a variable and then tell the system give me "variable" sailing on a boat. They also probably need to be careful about what they show because AI doesn't always get anatomy correct. I might not buy much silver again until next Christmas, so I wanted to get a jump on the dragons. Thena again, who knows!

Talk about a cash cow though! Pay out in BTC! That would be awesome!

I hear you about Christmas, it always dips into the budget. I haven't been buying much the last few months in anticipation of the holidays. I do have some cool stuff I want to pick up though.

I got solicited by two witnesses today to vote for them. I don't know about either of them enough to give them my vote, but asked a couple of the friends who helped me get on Hive originally what their thoughts were and then I see you also recommend @nuthman ! Thanks. As I continue to learn more about Hive as still a relative newbie it's helpful to have recommendations you can trust.

Much appreciated! Glad to see you on Hive. Please ask away if you have any questions.

I'm guessing one of them was howo. He is one of the original developers I think and has skyrocketed up the witness ranks since launching his witness node. Nuthman is good people from Middle America like us, even though he lives in Cali now.

Once again, thanks for the shoutout!

The AI influencer thing is pretty nuts. I have been noticing lately that YouTube videos are being taken over by AI voices. The other day I watched an entire video and only noticed that it was an AI when he pronounced a really common word really oddly. Once I noticed it, I then realized that the entire script was AI generated as well. I could tell because of the style of how it was talking. I am starting to really be able to hone in on this. Like I said in my AI post, it is both helpful but makes me uneasy at the same time.

I've noticed that as well with telemarketers. They try to add in pauses and natural speech patterns like "um", but the placement or timing isn't quite right and it is pretty easy to notice. It's definitely going to get better over time.

300 HIVE power up vs my baby 15..... but as said in my PUD post I have a 200+ power up planned for Jan 1st

Very nice. Just remember the sooner you power it up, the sooner you can earn that 3% interest on it!

MetaMask the amount of people that get scammed or hacked is absolutely incredible!
Glad you stopped short and avoided that!

Yeah, it's pretty crazy how easy it is to lose it all.

75,000 HP! Wow, I can but dream. Working my way towards my first 100.

Happy HPUD - I know you said it was not as much as you were hoping, but in my book thats a pretty awesome power up ! Plus that HP stack is looking fantastic ! Nice work.
Glad to hear you didnt get scammed - just shows how much we all need to be cautious.

Thank you!

I’m sad I could not power up yesterday
Well, there is always another time
Enjoy your day!

Really every day should be power up day. By waiting until the first of each month you are missing out on the 3% interest rate.

Some nice cars and a beautiful silver pick up

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Those dragon rounds are things of beauty!

There's a lot of information here. The car part and the one that got me very interested is the person that almost duped you. I am glad you were very careful.

About the silver stack, it looks beautiful. Happy new month from here, and I wish you a merry Christmas in advance.

Thanks, Merry Christmas to you as well. The car project is interesting. That hobby group is pretty large in the US, so there is definitely a draw for it. It's scary how easily you can lose everything in crypto.

Yeah, it surely is. Have a good day.

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