VIDEO: "Wings" (Acrylic Fluid Art)

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Acrylics / PVA on canvas, gloss varnish,
70 cm x 30 cm (27.6" x 11.8")


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Damn! The art work for so perfectly on that wall. Really great job @caro-art!

Thank you. Yes, it would. Except, the wall is fake and the art shown much larger than actual size ;-)

!discovery 30

Thank you very much :)

What a beautiful work...
Whenever we see such a video, one might think... "oh, that looks so simple...!" However, in fact... OMG... it is not! 😀.
Definitely not.
And it looks even more magnificent after it's hung on the wall.

Thank you. Yes, it looks simple, but the devil is in the details. You surrender to the paint and try to coax it somewhat in the desired direction. That's the fun of it, knowing what you want but not knowing whether you can get it.

In all fairness, the painting on the wall is fake, an app that allows artists to pose their work. The original is only 70x30 cm, in case you didn't catch that 😀

Yeah, I catched that... neverthless I'm sure it will look just as good hung on the real wall. These days it is very convenient afterall to have countless Apps that could help us visualizing our imagination how it would look like if we put it this way or that way :).
The same convenience we could have now before deciding whether a particular hairstyle would look nice on us or not after trying out some style using our selfie in such Apps hahaha.

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