Wut? 🤯!
You said, "lock-in" when referencing the feel of the groove or pulse.

Are you a drummer?

Thanks for the compliment. Groove and pulse and feel and hypnosis are all important to me and pros i've glanced by.

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nah. just an x-musician whose been in many bands and can say stuff about it.. :P

I played alto sax as my primary instr, but always luved and gravitated towards basslines and songs with good bass..


Oh yeah! U mentioned playing saxophone before. Please forgive my memory. Saxophonist have good ears. Good listeners. Thanks for commenting. Got any videos of some band you were in?

😊😎🤙 its all good. I would say my 'music' life is all but in the past. I'm 48 now and haven't played anything (sax or piano or anything) since college time. (well, i did just play those simple melodies from popular songs for my kids about 15 yrs ago) all i do now is sing karaoke and now I comment on some hiver's music when I hear it. :)

I doubt there are any vids or recording of my music playing days. :P sorry. U can imagine tho.. I was in marching, concert, symphonic, and jazz band in highschool and at university. 🎵🎷🎼

how long u been playing? what stuff have u played?

Play guitar and studied a little, played in garage bands, college big bands, churches, percussion and audio, ukulele and stuff.
I’ve been playing bass for about 18 to20 years. Before Covid mandates I was the first call Bass Player for a steel drum band named #SteelParade.

:) Nice. u sound like quite the experiences jammer!😎💪🎵