Discovery-it Data Report 12.06.2023 to 19.06.2023

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Hi everybody. Welcome back in this Weekly Report. Today we show you some data about Discovery-it activities.

In particular, these data are from 12.06.2023 to 19.06.2023 :

Total number of Voted Posts : 210
Total number of Unique Voted Authors : 151
Percentage of Unique Voted Authors : 71.9%
Average Percentage of Vote : 32.74%
Average Reputation of Voted Authors : 69.24
Total VEST Curation : 161546.56 VEST
Total HP Curation : 91.14 HP
Posts from Discovery-it and Discovery-blog are not considered in these data

We thought of realizing some charts to make reading of some data more pleasant:

  • Top 10 Posts Voted by Discovery-it Team that achieved the highest Pending Payouts:

76.842 HBDslobberchopsTales of the Urban Explorer: Falcon W...
76.26 HBDanttnWe've finally got the Keys ! So let's...
66.636 HBDbelugCome visit Orient with me in Buenos A...
58.48 HBDchacald.dcymtJuego de trébol de la buena suerte | ...
57.196 HBDlittlebee4”Let’s stay in a Historic Colonial B&...
46.251 HBDewkawFungiFriday - Two different forests
42.998 HBDsoyaruska[ESP/ING] Aretes tejidos, hechos a ma...
42.357 HBDjustclickindivaShalia - Warrior Woman of the Grassla...
35.642 HBDmiljo76City walk in Ljubljana, the green cap...
10°27.902 HBDmaryed📹 ¡Detrás de Cámaras del Hive's Top M...

  • Top 5 Tag of Voted Posts by Discovery-it Team:


  • Reputation Distribution of Unique Voted Authors:


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See you next time...

Discovery-it Team

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