Our first year together!

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A hard year, full of difficult situations, but which did not discourage the community of Hive to continue in its work.


We as Discovery-it are happy to have continued our journey here on Hive, trying to help and support all the deserving users we are able to see.

Our growth on hive has been very pleasant, we have achieved set goals, continued to work with the different teams present on the blackchain maintaining our standards.


Immediately after the birth of the new chain, we also thought of opening a witness,to confirm our desire to continue this project and support the Hive chain.

With the growth of HIVE on the market and in the crypto landscape, we will expect years full of news and opportunities to take advantage to bring Hive to the moon!

We take advantage of this anniversary to thank all the users&witnesses who make life on hive possible.


In my opinion, Discovery-it will always be successful if the administrators continue with their personality, their humility, their collaborative spirit! That alone is enough to grow! Users like me feel listened to, and most importantly we have support! Everyone must set a personal goal that brings a benefit to the page! Mine is to invest 1000hp more! Up Caralho l !!!!! We can together !!!

Thanks @oscurity for your kind words.

Users like me feel listened to, and most importantly we have support!

That's make me really happy :) We will continue with the same spirit!!
Hive de PUTA MADRE on!!

So, what are the goals this year?

We are slowly accumulating token-accounts, our idea is to create a website that acts as a bridge for hive, where new users can find an account for free after verification through another social, this obviously autonomously through smt. We are a team of 4 and many ideas are in the drawer, we are waiting to have a little more power to be able to organize something bigger.

I'm a proud member of the team, working in IT area and helping in witness maintenance.
I, as @discovery-it , believe in Hive growth and I'm trying to spend more time and resources on the project.
We are always open to new ideas, suggestions, advices and collaboration.

Hey @discovery-it nice to greet you :) My name is Omi and I'm new here coming from pre-fork. Today I received a downvote from you on one of my blog posts that I put a lot of work into. And I came here to ask if the downvote was legitimate because it also seems cast alongside some sketchy looking usernames. I would wonder if your downvote was somehow automatically cast by some kind of hacker. Please let me know if you have a chance to look into it. Thank you.

done and sorry!