Lettering, the art with letters.

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Lettering can be understood as the art of drawing letters and that had its maximum splendor between the 30s until the 60s, returning today with a greater variety of styles and aesthetics, for that reason it has become in a whole discipline.

"When we do lettering, we get closer to the act of drawing than to writing. We build alphabetic symbols with a drawing tool, using as many strokes as necessary to get the exact shape we are looking for ..."

Iván Castro, "The ABC of lettering"


The photograph is from my authority

Although this art can be confused with calligraphy and typography, since all three derive from writing, however once it is deepened it can be seen that they are very different.

They can be defined:

Calligraphy: the art of writing letters

Typography: the art of designing letters


The photograph is from my authority

While lettering, for its part, is the art of drawing letters where harmony and composition take center stage.

There are several types of lettering depending on the instrument with which it is made, such as: Brush lettering that is made with brushes and watercolor; chalk lettering is done with chalk on a blackboard; hand lettering is made with pencils, pens or colors ...

The true meaning of lettering is to capture the creativity with which the letters move. Currently there are many formats and support templates, as well as manuals to learn, develop and make accessible to everyone, the step by step of this wonderful and delicate art.


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These are beautiful. I am currently trying to find a style of my own with calligraphy. Hope you are having fun with this beautiful art.